Alan Smith (Arturo Venkonski)


High Concept:

  • Werepanda student sys admin
  • Personal Archenemy Hacker
  • Ingenious or insane
  • Haven’s Admin of the MDD System
  • My “Magic for Dummies book”
  • Protect those who can’t and my friends
  • Personnel supply warehouse

(Human) (40 total)
5 Scholarship
4 Conviction, Rapport
3 Lore, Discipline, Intimidation, Resources
2 Athletics, Craftsmanship, Deceit, Gun, Investigation
1 Presence, Driving, Alertness, Contacts, Endurance
(Wereform) (40 total)
5 Endurance
4 Fists, Intimidation
3 Might, Alertness, Athlethics, Discipline
2 Deceit, Resources, Survival, Guns, Scholarship
1 Craftsmanship, Driving, Investigation, Presence, Lore

Powers/Stunts (refresh = 2)
[-1] Beast Change (panda)
[-1] Echos of the Beast (panda)
beast trapping: Intimidation 1 (threats)
beast friend: bears
[-3] Human form
Inhuman Strength -2
The catch Fire and Electricity-based attacks 3 (applies to only toughness)
Supernatural toughness -4
claws -1 (1 for human form)
[-3] Spell casting for dummies
large form: +2
Channeling (earth magic) -2
Thaumaturgy -3

Physical: 3
Mental: 4
Social: 3
Physical: 8
Mental: 2
Social: 3


My Life is strange (You know, like that game. time travel included) facing monsters and fairies and ghosts, surviving has required unique plans or odd solutions some of these plans make people question my sanity but hey the plans work. sometimes

Rising Conflict:
to solve the issue of never knowing who is trying to blow up Frederick this time, a system was made the magical disturbances detection system. if required a great deal of bridge building and maybe burning. but in the end Allen learned about the politics of life.

Your story: Fairy Court
When ridiculous laws and regulations are enforced in Frederick, Allen goes to find out who is creating them but will he succeed when fae lawyers threaten to shut Allen’s business down?

Guest appearance 1: (Alexander’s)

When Alexander arrives in Frederick, he goes to meet with the local powers, but will he succeed when another thief steals from him?

Allen helped Alexander track down where his thief was.

Guest appearance 2: (Risa’s)

When members off the Royals start having accidents on the job, Risa must find out what’s behind the misfortune. But will Risa succeed when the pale horsemen stand in the way?

Allen reaches into his personnel stock of equipment to arm the team againsts the pale horsemen

Alan Smith (Arturo Venkonski)

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