Alexander Dunn

Oddball Thief


High Concept
Master of Acquisitions

In Over My Head

Other Aspects
Too Charming For My Own Good
Royally-Minded Lieutenant
Honor Among Thieves
One Step Ahead
Dashing Rogue of the Haven

Superb: Burglary, Guns
Great: Stealth, Alertness, Scholarship
Good: Presence, Endurance, Performance
Fair: Athletics, Deceit, Rapport
Average: Empathy, Might, Craftsmanship

Stunts & Powers
[+2]Pure Mortal
[-1] Case The Streets
Use Burglary for Street Knowledge and navigation
[-1] Off the Back of a Truck
Use Burglary for buying things
[-1] Follow Your Mark
Use Burglary for Surveillance
[-1] Gun-Crazy
Use Guns for Interrogation when you have a gun
[-1] Cowboy Up
+1 to Guns when drastically outnumbered
[-1] Pickpocketing
Use Deceit for pickpocketing or acquiring small objects.

Base: 10
Adjustment: -4
Adjusted Refresh: 6

Physical: OOOO
Mental: OO
Social: OOOO


Original Leather-Jackets-6.jpg

High Concept: Oddball Thief

Trouble Aspect: Smiles are only skin deep..


  • I grew up penniless and desperate
  • Mistrust of vampires, magic, and crazy shit!
  • Face of the Honor Guard
  • Modern-day Robin Hood
  • Thieving Bastard

Superb:Burglary, Deceit
Great: Empathy, Rapport
Good: Stealth, Presence, Athletics
Fair: Guns, Performance, Endurance, Alertness
Average: Contacts, Intimidation, Craftsmanship, Survival, Conviction

[+2 for Pure Mortal]
“Case the Streets” – Use Burglary for Street Knowledge & Navigation
“Safe Cracker” – Lockpicking takes place two steps faster
“Jury Rigger” – Repairs last two scenes longer
“Off The Back of a Truck” – Use Burglary for buying things
“Follow Your Mark” – Use Burglary for Surveillance

Humans have no powers. :(
(Aside from being fuckin’ awesome!)

Physical: OOOO
Mental: OOO
Social: OOOO


Fate Points
Power Level: (I can’t make out our GM’s handwriting ;_; )
Skill cap: 10
Base Refresh Level: 7
Total refresh adjustment: +1
FP from last session: 10


The Journal of Alexander James Dunn
Well, now, this is quite a story I’ve to tell you all; my entire life isn’t the most interesting, but well, maybe you’ll think different. So screw it, here we go: I was born to a great woman named Rosalyn Dunn, and a shitheaded motherfucker who left the picture before I could talk, and I will never know his name—nor do I care to. I haven’t got many nice things to say about him, y’know? Anyway, I grew up like most kids in the inner city—I went to school, saw horrible shit on a daily basis, and learned which alleys to avoid pretty quick.

Then, well.. then my mother fell ill when I was about 8. She hid it from me, being a big, tough, strong, New York woman, y’know? I didn’t find out until I was about 13 on my birthday, when she wound up hacking up some nasty shit and getting called off to the hospital. Before too long, she wound up barely able to walk and talk at the same time without gasping for air, and she would need help just to get around on a day to day basis. Going out and shopping was a rare thing for her, now.. and well.. I wound up faced with a choice: subsist on nothing because our wonderful state refused to help her, or drop out and get a job.

I dropped out and got a job. That lasted for about a month. So, I wound up doing what any kid who was a fast-talker and faster than an adult would do: I learned the brush-pass, I learned when I could sneak into a cash jar, I learned when it was safe to sneak bread and small things.. I became a small-time crook, and I wound up running with some bigger names before I was old enough to drive. Crazy life, right? Well, it stayed crazy and I was able to keep food on the table while she was sick, and she seemed to start getting better.

Thing is.. based on what the doctor’s said, nothing was wrong with her, but her system was incredibly weak, like a child’s; no cancer, no AIDS or HIV, no infections, absolutely nothing was wrong! But, well, shortly before I was forced out of New York, she took a turn.. and had to be put in a “care facility” upstate. I stayed with her as long as I could, but I knew how much a place like this would cost.. so, I got in touch with my contacts and I set up a big one.

Know what happened? It went tits-up, that’s what happened! I got away with a tiny amount of loot, enough to keep her in there for another month or two, but of my three-man crew, two died and the other, well.. I don’t know what the fuck got him, but he went nuts. I’m lucky to have gotten out alive; I have no idea what the hell happened that night and I do not want to know.

But, after making sure everything was set for her, I wandered up the East Coast, grifting whoever I could until I found my way into the heart of DC, joining a gang of people I never would’ve expected to run into.. and some weird, weird, weird, WEIRD supernatural shit. I ah.. I don’t want to go into details, but all I can say is: FUCK THE WHITE COURT! GOD! Vampires just..

There’s clearly something else written here, but it’s been scratched out with a pen

Sorry about that.. it’s just infuriating, you know? I had my heart toyed with by some supernatural being, and I don’t know if it was love or.. genuine… I don’t know, man, it’s weird shit, you know?

But, at least I wound up joining the Royals after a while, and I wound up following them for a while, sending back decent chunks of the cash I made to a certain lawyer who was more than accommodating—think someone kind of like Saul Goodman, just not quite as crooked—and has helped me a great deal since then.

Anyway, we all were headed down to Maryland, the tiny state of … I dunno, crabs n’ shit? Either way, ‘least I can get some good seafood finally, and maybe, just maybe, I can put some of this shit behind me. That.. that’d be nice. Until next time, journal..

I need a smoke. Where the hell are my Coffin Nails…


Where did you come from?
Alex grew up in New York City. His father passed while Alex was still very young. Alex wound up spending most of his time reading at the library, until his teenaged years. He rebelled against authority and got a record for his efforts. (His most notable offense: stealing a federal mailbox, without any tools.) His mother loved him, even after he left-traveling the east coast, trying to make money to support both himself and his mother.

What shaped you?
Alex wandered, doing odd jobs and trying to find his way. He stumbled into DC, finding his way to a kind man, who listened to Alex and helped him through his hard times.

Alexander Dunn

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