Barrett Coel

Vindictive and Vengeful Son of Ferrovax


Average (+1): Contacts, Empathy, Endurance

Fair (+2): Rapport, Weapons, Lore

Good (+3): Deceit, Presence, Discipline

Great (+4): Resources, Athletics, Intimidation

Superb (+5): Conviction

Supernatural Powers:

Physical Immunity {-8}
Stacked Catch (Only Fire) {6}
Sponsored Magic (Ferrovax) {-4}
Supernatural Toughness {-4}
The Catch {-0}
Supernatural Strength {-4}
Supernatural Speed {-4}
Wings {-1}
Claws {-1}
Human form {1}

[Favored Son of Ferrovax]
[I will see that wizard dead or in ruins]
[Deals and Bargains]


Motivated to:
Cause problems for Homer Myrlin Callahan
Gain more power for Therodax

Son of Therodax

Barrett Coel

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