Brad Motter

I stand against the monsters.


High Concept: Protean Justicar of Frederick

Trouble: I must uphold the law

Othe Aspects:

  • Protect the safety of Frederick
  • Even Kings Die
  • I’ll get to the bottom of this
  • The Blade of Fire
  • True Courage


+4 Athletics, Rapport
+3 Endurance, Weaponry, Alertness
+2 Deceit, Scholarship, Fists, Might
+1 Presence, Conviction, Empathy, Lore, Larceny, Investigation

Stunts & Powers

+1 Protean Stone
-8 Modular Abilities

*Physical : 4
*Mental: 3
*Social: 3

Consequences: None


Originally a track athlete at Frederick High and a subject of Content Not Found: lady-shay_ unrequited romantic crush. Brad was approached by _Content Not Found: michael-bailey offering to extend Brad’s physical capabilities so long as he agrees to protect Shay form the agents of Winter.

Brad eventually was removed from that position when he admitted to being the one who betrayed Summer’s strongholds to the Winter fae as the result of a rash bargain he made and found his way into a position with the rebuilt police force of Frederick


My Mom’s got money and dad’s got talent. One day, I’ll have both.

Rising Conflict

I always wanted to be the best, then one day this guy walked out of Carroll Creek and offered me a deal to make me faster and better. All I have to do is protect this girl.

The Story

When Brad’s Picture in the yearbook keeps being replaced by a dead classmate. Will Brad discover the sinister conspiracy of the Janitor staff at Frederick High?

Guest Star

While Sabrina is out trying to avoid her parents, Brad comforts his classmate by buying her an ice cream and chatting with her late into the night. Cementing a good friendship.

Guest Star Redux

When Brad hears that Shay is about to tangle with the witches, he is waylayed in his attempts catch up with her a murder of vicious crow familiars.

Brad Motter

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