Brian Smythe

Rage Fueled Summer Knight

High Concept Rage Fueled Summer Knight
Face of The Forces of Lady Shay
Motivation To Serve Lady Shay and make sure she is happy


Content Not Found: lionel-dotson Dirty rotten snake
Content Not Found: the-cadets-defensive-line Former Captain, I’ll find a way to avenge them
Shaun Alistair Not as terrible as he seems sometimes
Content Not Found: riley-flynn Kinda crazy but I wouldnt want to get into a fight with her
Content Not Found: sarah-mcleason Ex-lover turned Psychomage
Content Not Found: lady-shay My Lady and Current Lover
Content Not Found: alan-smith-arturo-venkonski Pretty cool for a nerd
Content Not Found: grum-grum Just play along, it’s easier that way
Content Not Found: jane-smith Shay likes her… how bad can she be?
Content Not Found: molly-carpenter Too Flashy but hot enough
Content Not Found: rosepetal Very useful servant
Content Not Found: stephen-o-kelly Useless Punk
Content Not Found: tazer-jacob-marksman Bring it on, I’ll beat you… every time!

Stunts and Powers

Name Effect/Notes Cost
Echoes of the Beast +1 when acting as a pack -1
Pack Instincts -1
The Catch Cold Iron +3
Sponsored Magic Summer -4
Inhuman Strength -2
Inhuman Speed -2
Inhuman Recovery 2
Inhuman Toughness -2
Human Form Involuntary change (lunar cycle) +2
Demonic Copilot Rage Spirit -1
—Upgrade to Supernatural Strength -2
—Upgrade to Supernatural Recovery -2


+5 (Superb) Athletics Might Conviction
+4 (Great) Alertness Intimidation Fists
+3 (Good) Weapons Endurance Presence
+2 (Fair) Empathy Discipline Lore
+1 (Average) Stealth Deceit Survival


Mental OOOO
Physical OOOO (OO)(OO)
Social OOOO


Stress/Severity Type Aspect
-2 (Mild) Any
-2 (Mild) Mental
-4 (Moderate) Any
-6 (Severe) Any


Refresh Cost: -7


Originally the head of Content Not Found: the-cadets-defensive-line_, Brian held a grudge against both Shaun Alistair and Brad Motter, who he saw as the privileged and spoiled rich brats. After being roped into being _Content Not Found: lady-shay’s date to the ruined homecoming the two of them began dating in earnest and Brad repaired his relationship with Shaun.

When Shay agreed to become the Summer Lady she offered him a position at her side, He accepted saving himself from being framed as a drug pusher.

Brian Smythe

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