Elizabeth Cornell

White Court Princess of New Orleans


Elizabeth Cornell
Player: Steph
Template(s): White Court Vampire

Power Level:
Base Refresh: 10
Adjusted Refresh: 2
Fate Points:

Superb + 5: Deceit, Empathy
Great + 4: Discipline, Rapport
Good + 3: Presence, Contacts
Fair + 2: Alertness, Endurance, Intimidation
Average + 1: Conviction, Resources, Investigation, Weapons, Athletics

Physical O O O
Mental O O O
Social O O O O
Hunger O O O O

Mild – 2:
Moderate – 4:
Severe – 6: PTSD

Extreme – 8: Replace Permanent Aspect (Tortured by Chris)

High Concept Aspect: White Court Whore Turned Runaway
Trouble Aspect: Dysfunctional Family Feuds
Poor but Ferociously Loyal Street Rat
Raised by her Lost Brother, Content Not Found: william-cornell_
Tortured by Content Not Found: chris_
Content Not Found: jonathan-lucky-smith_ in Love, Collared to Show It
Ally of _Content Not Found: regina-leblanc
Content Not Found: genevieve-rivers

Small Bites Sustain Me

Stunts & Powers: – 8
Human Guise

Incite Emotion: Lust, Greed – 3
Emotion-Touch: do maneuvers at + 2 to Deceit that force an emotion on a target (as a temp aspect), defend with Discipline
At Range: use this ability on targets up to one zone away without touching them

Supernatural Recovery – 4
Total Recovery: recover totally from any consequence (excluding extreme ones) with no other excuse besides time
Fast Recovery: out of combat recover from physical consequences as if they were two levels lower in severity, any reduced below mild are removed by the beginning of the next scene
Vigorous: endurance never restricts other skills due to lack of rest
Shrug It Off: in combat, twice per scene, you may clear away a mild physical consequence as a supplemental action

Inhuman Speed – 2
Improved Initiative: Alertness is at + 4 for determining initiative
Athletic Ability: all Athletics checks are made at + 1 (+ 2 for sprinting), including dodging.
Casual Movement: may move one zone without taking the – 1 penalty as part of another physical activity
Almost Too Fast to See: difficulty factors due to moving are reduced by two when rolling Stealth

Catch: True Love, True Charity + 2

Emotional Vampire – 1
Feeding Touch: you may draw life force from a victim in the throes of an eligible emotion through physical contact as a psychological attack using Deceit, this is done as a single action and roll with the Incite Emotion, subsequent rolls made while the emotion is still in place are made at + 1
Taste of Death: once per scene, if you inflict enough stress and consequences to kill a victim from feeding, you may take an immediate “free” recovery period equal to an extra scene, clearing your stress track and mild physical consequences
Feeding Frenzy: when in the presence of heightened emotions and willing victims, you feel a nearly uncontrollable urge to feed, the GM may call for Discipline rolls to resist the urge

Feeding Dependency + 1
Limited Reserves: at the end of a scene whenever you have heavily exerted your powers you much check to see if you experience feeding failure (attack with a strength equal to the total refresh cost of the abilities used, Discipline to defend)

  • If you succeed, you may clear out your hunger stress track
  • If you fail, you take hunger stress as though you’d suffered an attack. If you have physical or mental consequence slots open, you may use them to buy off the stress. If unable to do so, you must lose access to a number of your powers up to a refresh cost equal to the amount of stress taken. These options can be combined.
  • If you have no powers left to lose and are taken out by a feeding failure, you are actually taken out
    Failure Recovery: you can recover your lost abilities at a rate of up to one point per scene so long as you opt out of the scene, essentially because you are spending it feeding; all lost abilities can be regained in one scene if you feed so forcefully as to kill a victim, in either case all hunger stress is cleared and any consequences that resulted from feeding failure vanish regardless of the usual recovery time

    Read the Surface: ( Empathy Stunt) You can get a sense of someone quickly when trying to “read” them (pg 129). Your first attempt to read someone takes less than a minute of interaction, instead of the usual ten. Any subsequent efforts with the same person do not enjoy this benefit.

Born in England. Her mother, Victoria, had tried to sleep her way to power, and got a lot of attention in the English royalty, but was sold out by her brother ‘Valentino’ who used his betrayal of her to set himself up in the states under the name Coronado.

Victoria became a bitter prostitute to support herself and ended up giving birth to a string of children who she raised to be envious and hate the brother Valentino.

Elizabeth was raised in this impoverished home with an single older adult brother “William” who loved and cared for Elizabeth and did his best to raise her right.

Aspect: Poor but fiercely loyal street rat

Rising Conflict:
When Elizabeth was 12, her mother sold her daughter’s virginity to a rich lecherous creep and forced her to sleep with him. Since it was her first intimate act and there was no love involved anywhere the man did not survive the encounter, Elizabeth officially became a full white court Vampire, and her mother kept the money plus more spoils from the man’s body

When Elizabeth was 15 her mother finally pressured William to go seek out revenge on Valentino in America leaving Elizabeth alone with Victoria.

When Elizabeth turned 20, William stopped corresponding with their mother about the progress of his “mission” and in fact stopped correspondence at all. Elizabeth’s once again pregnant mother immediately informed her that William had been killed by Valentino and began grooming her daughter to seek revenge on Valentino and his children were William had failed.

Eventually Elizabeth was fed up with her mother’s antics and fled the country in search of what had become of her brother and protector. On her search she met one of the dreaded Coronados, Regina, who was longing for freedom from her father’s oppressive control, and Elizabeth learned that the family she was raised to hate and destroy was not fully the uniformed evil her mother had said it was (even if their Patriarch did seem just as bad as her mother described). Elizabeth convinced Regina to flee and helped her to get away before their paths forced them into separate ways.

Regina unfortunately did not know anything of her brother over the past 5 years so Elizabeth just kept looking, through the experience had let her know she had made an ally and a friend who would help her.

A year later word from Regina reached her about her establishing a base of power in New Orleans and inviting Elizabeth to come assist her in building New Orleans into the own domain. Regina mentioned that getting such connections should make the search for her lost brother’s location much easier.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Elizabeth came down to New Orleans to aide Regina and hopefully find her brother at long last.

Aspect: Raised by her lost Brother William

Your Story: False Accusations

When a visiting mortal highroller and card carrying member of LeBlanc’s VIP club is found dead in his suite at Harrah’s Casino, Elizabeth tries to track down the killer so Regina can deal with them. But will Elizabeth succeed when the police discover it was Elizabeth herself who was last seen leaving the highroller’s suite

Guest stars:

Aspect: Quick feet and mouth; Not good with violence or intimacy

Guest Star 1: Kicking the Hornets Nest
Starring: Victor
Guest Stars: Jackson, Cecil, Elizabeth

When Moogie gives him a tip about a red court hit squad amassing in the french quarter, Victor heads out and puts an end to their existence, but what will he do now that Reina Cortez has pegged him as a main adversary

Elizabeth is rescued from being captured and harassed by Victor and develops an instant attraction to the man who saved her

Aspect: Completely Infatuated with Victor

Guest Star 2: Family Feuds
Starring: Genevieve
Guest Starring: Victor, Jackson, Elizabeth

When Genevieve runs away to New Orleans and becomes romantically entangled with Regina, Genevieve helps Regina gain power over her boss, control over the club, and finally helps her resist the Red Court Vampire Queen she has angered, but will she succeed when Genevieve’s family returns to force her back home and Regina’s own father commands Regina to stop sheltering Genevieve?

Elizabeth answer’s Regina’s call and comes to town acting as her “cat’s paw” in the family dispute, allowing Regina to gain a mostly independent standing in the White Court Nobility and help Genevieve avoid her own family

Aspect: Ally of Regina, Genevieve, & Jackson

Elizabeth Cornell

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