Gabriel J. Clark

Ghost-speaking Exorcist


High Concept
Ghost-Speaking Exorcist

Haunted by Jodi’s Ghost

Other Aspects
Father Nichols’ Protege
Apprenticed to the Alastair Clan
The Lord will provide!
I won’t lose another friend
Tools of the Trade

Superb: Athletics
Great: Conviction
Good: Fists, Endurance, Alertness
Fair: Intimidation, Lore, Stealth, Scholarship, Discipline
Average: Empathy, Resources, Investigation, Might, Weapons

Stunts and Powers
Bless This House (Conviction) – Strengthen a threshold by +2 if Conviction is higher than Threshold value
Guide My Hand (Conviction) –
[Faith Manages] – Spend a FP to use Conviction instead of another skill for a roll. Cannot be used for attacks or manuevers.
[Spiritual Guidance] – You have a semi-conscious awareness of where you are needed most
Ghost speaker – See the dead, be seen by the dead, speak to the dead, seek the dead, etc.
Righteousness – Your prayers have a profound effect.
[Potent Prayer]
When pursuing your calling, you may make a prayer (page 324) to guide your actions righteously—spend a fate point to invoke your high concept and define a Divinely inspired purpose you’re aiming at. While in effect, use your Conviction to complement (page 214) any action that directly addresses your purpose. If you either achieve your purpose, take any compels that would threaten to derail you from your pursuits, or refuse any compels that are meant to keep you true to your purpose, the effect immediately ends.
[Desperate Hour]
In times of most desperate need, you may call out a prayer for aid from the Divine. Any time you are hit by an attack that requires you to take a severe or extreme consequence to avoid being taken out, you may make such a prayer. You may also call upon this prayer in any scene where a friend, ally, or innocent victim is taken out, forced to concede, or otherwise suffer a lasting, terrible fate (like being crippled, kidnapped, etc.).

Roll your Conviction as an attack against every non allied, supernatural creature in the same zone as you, which can be resisted by their Discipline. This attack does holy, physical damage that cannot be offset by any supernatural abilities (it automatically satisfies the Catch on any Toughness powers). You can only make one such prayer per scene.
Holy Touch
[Holy Touch]
If you act in keeping with your calling, keeping a pure heart and selfless purpose, your touch can be imbued with a holy power. This could qualify your touch as satisfying a Catch (p. 185) for the Toughness powers of some creatures. Even if not, creatures that would be an offense to your faith take a 1-stress hit from being touched by you. You could use this with a Fists attack, to have your hands act effectively as Weapon 1 against such creatures.

In lieu of this benefit, you may have your touch justify a compel on the high concept of any creature that would be offensive to your faith. This way, you might be able to hold them at bay temporarily or otherwise keep them from attacking you.

Base: 8
Adjusted: 2

Physical: OOOO
Mental: OOOO
Social: OO

Moderate: Brad Seems Reasonable


A follower of the Allistar Clan, Gabe met his end trying to save Content Not Found: stephen-o-kelly from a flash riot stirred up by Jason Bradley‘s Ghost. Gabe’s spirit managed to stick around and provide guidance for the party for the events of Halloween Night, eventually deciding to stay and take on the Spirit of Jason once more t prevent the ghost from being able to carve a strong foothold for the chaos he was spreading and locking his spirit into a cycle of conflict to save frederick from forces what would see it torn apart.

He is memorialized by a statue on the Allister Compounds new cemetery, where he serves as the sentinel to make sure all laid to rest stay at peace and do not meddle with the living.

Gabe doesn’t know who his parents were. He was raised in a Catholic orphanage, where he gained a strong sense of faith in the Lord. The nuns taught him through most of his youth, until he was the proper age to go to high school.
Aspect: Grew up in a Catholic orphanage

Rising conflict
Father Nichols-the closest thing Gabe has to an actual father- introduced Gabe to the Alastair family. Father Nichols believed that having Gabe work for the old hunter family would help the pious young man in the long run.
Aspect: Interns for the Alastair family

The Story
Title: From Saints to Sinners
Guest starring: Shay, Sabrina
When a spectre runs amok, it’s up to Gabriel to exorcise it. But will Gabriel succeed when he finds himself up against a man of God turned demon-summoner?
Aspect: The Lord will provide!

Guest Star
Title: Phantom Photos
Others involved: Brad, Shaun
Gabriel had heard rumors of nefarious deeds at his school, and wandered the halls, trying to draw out the dead. He later informed Brad of the spirit who had mentioned Brad’s name.
Aspect: Charity is a virtue

Guest Star Redux
Title: Magic Touch
Others involved: Shaun, Sabrina
Upon seeing the quiet Alastair boy suffering, Gabe hands him several vials of holy water and says a prayer of battle over Shaun.
Aspect: Exorcist—Standard Arsenal

Gabriel J. Clark

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