Genevieve Rivers

Mischievous Were-puma Bartender


Name: Genevieve Rivers, “Genny” to Regina Only
Player: Briana
Template: Shapeshifter

Power Level: Waist Deep
Base Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 2
Fate Points: 29

Stress: Human/ Puma

Physical O O O / O O O O

Mental O O / O O

Social O O O O / O O O


Mild -2:

Moderate -4:

Severe -6:

Extreme -8: Replace Permanent Aspect


1. Mischievous Were-puma Bartender
2. Regina’s spoiled princess
3. Raised by the River’s Pride
4. Prone to outbursts, but slowly learning control
5. Student at Tulane University
6. Curiosity and Cats
7. Mostly Harmless Flirt
8. Friends through thick or thin.

Stunts & Powers:
Beast change (-1)
Echoes of the Beast (-1)
Beast Senses: +1 to skills that are affected by senses
Beast Trappings: +1 to athletics for jumping/dodging in human form
Beast Friend: +1 assessment to cats
Human Form ( +1)
Inhuman Strength (-2) +3 might (breaking) +1 might (grappling) +2 damage with claws
Inhuman Speed (-2) +1 athletics checks, +4 initiative
Supernatural Sense (-1) Can hear and pick out specific sounds that would otherwise be indistinguishable. (i.e. pick a single sound from a huge crowd of noises in both forms) +1 alertness/investigation



+4 Performance
+4 Scholarship
+3 Alertness
+3 Weapons (knives/swords)
+3 Athletics
+2 Presence
+2 Rapport
+2 Deceit
+2 Investigation
+1 Empathy
+1 Discipline
+1 Guns
+1 Resources


+4 Athletics
+4 Fists
+3 Might
+3 Endurance
+3 Alertness
+2 Intimidation
+2 Deceit
+2 Presence
+2 Perform
+1 Rapport
+1 Empathy
+1 Scholarship
+1 Discipline


High Concept Aspect: Mischievous Were-puma Bartender

Trouble Aspect: Regina’s spoiled princess

Background: Grew up in east Tennessee, raised by a family of were-pumas, was put in an arranged marriage, ran to New Orleans
Aspect: Raised by the River’s Pride

Rising Conflict: Met Regina, became her girlfriend, helped her out of a terrible job, got rid of icky boss, made Regina the new boss, arguing throughout, but learning some control (her classic redheaded temper likes to come out and play….a lot)
Aspect: Prone to outbursts, but slowly learning control

Your Story: Family Feuds

Aspect: Student at Tulane University

Guest Star 1: When Mice Chase a Lion
Genevieve opens the bottle that contains the shade and helps Eldon and Regina get it back.
Aspect: Curiosity and Cats

Guest Star 2: Blackmailed
Genevieve helps run distractions for whoever is needed to get the blackmailer to leave Jackson alone with Eldon’s help.

Aspect: Mostly Harmless Flirt

Genevieve Rivers

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