Hammond Farbrand

Jotunkin Warrior-Priest of Laufey


Hammond spent most of his young life in Columbus, Ohio. Unfortunately, he was plagued from a young age by strange supernatural occurrences, which his parents thought were psychotic episodes. As a result, he spent more than one of his school age years within the walls of Harding Hospital, plagued by therapists and nurses, and given mind-numbing anti-psychotic drugs.
Aspect: No Doctors, No Meds!

Rising Conflict:
Hammond eventually went to college at Capital University, where he met with several individuals that would be described by the wizard community as “minor talents.” Hammond displayed some of his unusual proclivities for such talents, and was taken in by the group, where he began learning both the religious viewpoint of paganism and the magical viewpoint of spellcasting. However, his talent soon attracted a strange creature which promised to help him hone his talents in exchange for helping it with a few minor tasks. Hammond agreed, and started to learn to hone his abilities.
Aspect: Friend of the Spirits

Your Story: It
When a deal turns sour between Hammond and his patron, Hammond and his friends attempt to banish it from the world. But will they succeed when the creature summons its allies from the Nevernever?
Hammond eventually came to understand the danger surrounding the power he was lent. With the help of his working group, three of which he was dating at the time, Hammond eventually threw off the dangerous patronage of his former Jotun patron, only to realize that his talents were due to his own Jotun heritage. Another Jotun, the giantess Laufey, offers then to continue Hammond’s patronage if he will embrace both aspects of his heritage, human and Jotun.
Aspect: Polyamorous Ass

Guest Star 1: Free At Last
Starring: Dusty
When Jackson began to demolish Reina’s court, Dusty took the chance to escape his captor and become a freed sorcerer. But will Dusty succeed when a powerful entity comes to claim him? Hammond visited New Orleans and his friend Dusty, but soon realized that his friend had landed in a spot of trouble. Hammond helped his friend hide from Reina’s influences during this difficult situation, thus paying back his friend for the favor done in Ohio.
Aspect: I’ll Help Dusty in a Pinch

Guest Star 2: When Mice Chase a Lion
Starring: Cecil Rhodes
When Genevieve unwittingly releases a powerful shade from it’s bottle prison, Cecil jumps into action to chase it down, but will he succeed when penny ante shamans and dark practitioners come out of the woodwork to catch and use the shade for their own ends? While in New Orleans, a number of spirits were released by the events caused by the powerful shade. Hammond and his partner Ken, another servant of Laufey, attempted to gather them; Hammond’s intent was to convince them to return to the Nevernever, while Ken wanted to use them to his own ends. Victor Eisenhardt found them in the midst of their attempt; in the confusion, Ken attacked Victor, and Hammond defended himself, but both were felled by Victor’s powerful blade. After he left, Hammond forced himself to rise up and finish his work.
Aspect: Berserker’s True Strength

Hammond Farbrand

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