Jane Smith

Temporally Gifted Witch


Jane was found as a baby in baker park 16 years prior to the events of game. The story was mildly popular for a time as no one was able to find who had left her abandoned in the park and she was put into the foster/adoption system, and her story became old boring news.

From there the unassuming girl laid low and stayed quiet for most of her life in Frederick and judiciously avoided conflict or much interaction with anyone until the homecoming dance where she made a connction with fellow awkward wallflower Content Not Found: lurance-jocabem-kinderson and developed a friendship. Their friendship went south when Kinderson tried to soul gaze her several days later, after she accidentally soul gazed Brad Motter.

Shay located Jane in Baker park and managed to convince her to be her friend. Jane was present for the brawl in the Econolodge Parking Lot where she managed to Stop time before she fainted from the exertion., proving the suspcions that she was in fact a version of Estella Knotley, whose spell had malfunctioned and restored her without memories and not as far back as she had intended.

Jane was “kidnapped” by the Discordians to aide in their plan to take over the city resulting in a rescue by the group. where she stayed and assisted them during Halloween.

After the concflict, Content Not Found: agent-white and Moogie agreed to train her and take care of her.


Jane Smith

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