Jane Wallace/Sagmi

Here to educate, with pen or claw.


High Concept: Half-Ghoul Freeholding Journalist
Trouble: Four Months Pregnant with a Demigod
Last Survivor of the Inanna Clan
Brains of the Honor Guard
Everyone has their Side
The High Cost of Elbow Grease
Married to Donny

Superb: Contacts
Great: Fists, Investigation, Discipline
Good: Performance, Rapport, Endurance
Fair: Athletics, Intimidation, Lore, Survival
Average: Alertness, Deceit, Presence, Conviction, Stealth

I know Just the Guy (add 1 shift and -1 time increment when Gathering Information with Contacts)
Rumormonger ( add 2 when Spreading Rumors with Contacts)
Crack Journalist (add 2 when Composing something with words with Performance and Performance counts as two higher when used to modify a social skill)
Dieting (add 2 on Discipline rolls to defend against hunger)

Human Form +1
Feeding Dependency (Meat) +1
Claws -1
Inhuman Strength -2
Inhuman Speed -2
Supernatural Recover -4
The Catch is holy symbols and the like (also, dead is dead with ghouls). +2

Total Adjusted Refresh: 2
Current FP: 5




Where did you come from?
Jane was born Sagmi to a ghoul mother. The Innana Clan raised her as a lesser child, weak for her human natures. Her mother was considered weak for needing to force herself on a human rather than forcing a ghoul mate, as well. She was called Sagmi because she was a slave to them.
Life was miserable, but it was life, and the Innana Clan was never above teaching warfare and life lessons to their children, as the ancient goddess willed.
In these early years, Sagmi heard often of the great clan Ereshikal, named for the goddess of the underworld, and their mighty leader Gilgamesh. The Innana Clan, they said, would one day be called to serve Gilgamesh, and he would take a mate from one of their women to be his Queen, as the clans ties to the goddess Innana made them ideal mates.

What Shaped You?
When Sagmi was eleven, the Innana Clan died. A wizard slaughtered them with horrible magic. The Earth itself turned against her people, and ripped them apart. Sagmi, small as she was, managed to escape by hiding amid the corpses. She was never sure who exactly was responsible, or even how many wizards were involved, but she remembers with utter clarity the gray cloak that the one she saw in action wore, and the gleam of his sword.
After the massacre, Sagmi lived in the wild on her own for over a year, before she was found by a nice couple, Howard and Anthea Wallace, and given a home.
They tried to teach her to be human, and never knew the true reason it was so hard for her, and they named her Jane. Always their simple kindness has been a beacon for Jane and how she lives her life.
She left her family for DC when she turned eighteen, in need of answers about the world she’d left behind, and ways to reveal those to the world. Hopefully without endangering her new parents.

Dragon Goblet
When a mortal steals a cup from Theodrax it’s up to Jane Wallace to get it back and save the thief, but will she succeed when Razor Smile and his goblins close in on the prize?

Red Slavers
While writing a story on Red Court activities Jane finds out her friend Daemian List was captured and joins Myrlin to save the old Diabolist

Hell on Wheels
While following leads on strange artifacts Jane encounters a handsome stranger in need of help, but can she assist him without revealing her monstrous nature?

Sagmi Sees

Jane Wallace/Sagmi

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