Jason Bradley

Winter Squire & Sorcerer in Training


High Concept: Winter Squire and Sorcerer in training
Trouble: Wrong Place, right time
Other Aspects:
-Years of training or just dumb luck
-Apprentice to Fabian
-Lets start a Riot
-Wielder of Arcina
-Quick, Dirty, and Reckless

physical: OOOOOOO
social: OO

Refresh: 2
Great- Conviction, Weapon
Good- Lore, Discipline
Fair- Burglary, Stealth, Deceit
Average- Scholarship, Rapport, Alertness, Might, Endurance, Athletics

Stunts & Powers
-3 Evocation
-1 Refinement
-0 Wizards Constitution
-1 Arcina (sword)
-Marked by power
-Super Natural Toughness
-Inhuman recovery
-6 Catch (sword, summer magic, cold iron)


Grew up with a small family, studied Kendo and Hapkido at a young age. One night coming home from practice, Jason came across a bizarre scene. A man fighting against a beast made of wood and branches. The beast saw Jason stunned by the sight and went for an attack on him. Through either years of training or sheer dumb luck he survived the encounter. The man fighting the beast to begin with was impressed and introduced himself as Mr. Fabian. He took Jason as his apprentice and trained him in the ways of winter. Now Mr. Fabian has moved him to Frederick where Jason will be testing his new skills in a new environment.

Jason successfully managed to get himself close to Shay and her group of friends despite being utterly destroyed in an initial sports competition with Brad Motter, he situated himself close to her so he could influence her.

When the group unintentionally released Psychic Rage Spiders into Frederick from a hole in the nevernever from an improperly disposed of spell, Jason decided the best course of action was to start a Riot in order to burn down the house with the open portal in it so the fire would disrupt and destroy the portal. Jason used the spiders influence and passionate speeches to inspire people to riot from behind a magical disguise. Jason lead a large mob down the street and nearly succeed if Gabe hadn’t arrived earlier and properly closed the portal by channeling divine power. Jason and Gabe faced off for control of the mob and while Jason did not manage to keep control of it, Gabe id not manage to disperse it either, leaving it to break apart and spread as Fort Deterick arrived to put a halt to it.

While this was going on Jason worked to get Shay away from Brad and Summer’s influence so that she could be brought to serve Winter, but ended up pushing Shay away by telling her that he only was being her friend because Fabian had ordered him to do so, and so Winter could have her. When Shay confronted Fabian with it he was furious with Jason telling him that if he did not manage to best Brad in the planned parley he would kill him himself for his failure.

Jason instead attempted to organize a ruse where he would throw the fight then pledge loyalty to Summer to save himself from the wrath of Fabian. Brad and everyone was onboard but Shay did not trust Jason and did not think that the plan would do anything to actually end the conflict as they would effectively be cheating Winter, who would not take the slight lightly and her belief that no one in summer would claim him.

Despite her protestations, the plan was carried out with Jason throwing down his sword seconds into the conflict and declaring that he yields and attempting to pledge himself to summer. His pledge was met with silence as Summer had effectively never promised or even said they would take him in and only encouraged him to throw the fight, fully intending to let him be sacrificed to Winter’s cruelty as Fabian ordered Malks to tear into him ripping him apart. As Jason pleas grew more desperate, Shay accepted him to save his life and the parley was disbanded, with the White Council utterly refusing to enforce the result for fear of seeming complicit in the plan to cheat the Winter Court.

Jason soon found himself back in winter as Shay herself struck a deal with Queen Mab to end the conflict and restore Jason’s good name, in exchange for her agreeing to give herself to the queen.

At a party to honor Jason as the newest Knight of Winter, Jason agreed to a bargain so he could be snuck out of the party in order to convince Shay not to sacrifice herself to being captured by the government, in exchange for this favor he was tasked with killing Content Not Found: michael-bailey Summer Knight, and Shay’s friend.

Jason initially hired a hitman but then when Shay was attempting to make amends with Michael for her deal with Winter and he was sent up to see if he could talk him into speaking with him, Michael, still wheelchair bound from the first Winter assault on Summer that sparked the war, got the drop on Jason with a shot gun. after a tense stand off Jason decided to attack Michael. The conflict was short and ended as Michael engulfed Jason in fire, however Jason had a moment in the flames to draw all his power upon himself and looking at Michael he uttered a death curse upon the man. “May everyone turn against you”. With that Jason effectively removed Michael from Summer’s service as they turned their back on the Knight who failed to keep watch on Shay, basically accomplishing the task Winter’s agent had tasked him with to begin with, and repaying Jason for the debt of his treason against Winter.

Death was not the end of Jason however, his actions had left enough of an impression on a world that a ghost formed. The Spectre of Jason’s memory coalesced thanks to chaos sown by the Discordians and the remaining magics left from Estrella Knotley’s ruined ghost fueled resurrection ritual. the Spectre embraced the most impact Jason had on the world at large, the riot that tore Frederick apart. With that power he began manifesting and leading others to riot. He eventually even came into conflict with Gabe again and managed to kill him, seemingly removing him as a threat.

When he began gathering more people than ever before for the biggest riot yet, the group cast a spell to prevent him and others from taking control of people on Halloween Night, for this Jason and several other Ghosts attack the house, Jason strong enough to hold onto several people who managed to light the house on fire like he planned, Just as Jason was about to watch his victory, Gabe’s Ghost appeared before him and the two went at eachother, however Jason had been weaken greatly in the initial fight with Gabe and Gabe dispersed his energy. When the spell fell Jason was too disparate and depowered to lead any riot. He faded away

Each year he has come back, though no where near the strength that it used to be, each year he gathers spectres to him to assault the compound and each year he is met by Gabe, who stands sentinel on the house and he drives him back and disperses him.

Jason Bradley

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