Jeb Killians

Crispy Leader of the Royals



Average (+1): Alertness, Conviction, Discipline, Fists, Stealth

Fair (+2): Burglary, Athletics, Might, Weapons

Good (+3): Deceit, Endurance, Presence

Great (+4): Intimidation, Guns

Superb (+5): Driving

Stunts and Powers:

Pure Mortal [+2]

Subtle Menace [-1]: You can intimidate someone even if you are on equal footing or in a position of weakness.

Shoot to Kill [-1]: Increase the Weapons rating of any fire arm you use when you you are explicitly trying to kills someone

Quick Aim [-1]: Use guns to place an Aimed aspect on a target as an supplementary action.

Known Aspects:

[Hellian Underboss]


Jeb Killians

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