Lieana List

Daughter of the Morrigan


Name: Lieana List
Player: Amy G.
Template(s): Scion of The Morrigan

Power Level:
Base Refresh: 10
Adjusted Refresh: 4
Fate Points:


Physical O O O

Mental O O O O

Social O O


Mild -2:

Moderate -4:

Severe -6:

Extreme -8: Replace Permanent Aspect

Stunts & Powers:
-2 Inhuman Toughness
-2 Inhuman Recovery
-2 Inhuman Speed
-1 Marked by Power
+3 Catch – Birth Control
-1 Beast Change
-1 Claws
-1 Wings
-1 Diminutive Size
+1 Human Size

High Concept Aspect: Daughter of The Morrigan

Trouble Aspect: Unceasing quest to find and prove myself to the Morrigan

Background: Grew up on the streets of DC before being put into an orphanage. Learned to survive and take care of her self.
Aspect: Life of An Orphan

Rising Conflict:
Aspect: Acting Head of New Orleans Special Investigations

Your Story:
Aspect: New in Town

Guest Star 1:
Aspect: Wary of Wizards

Guest Star 2:
Aspect: Work Hard Play Hard


Lieana List

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