Mr. Coal Man

Grizzled old man with nothing to prove


Mr. Coal Man

High Concept
Old Merc tryin’ to do right

Creaky Old Bones


  • I’ve made a name for myself
  • Mysterious and deadly past
  • I’ve seen dreams die and monsters win
  • Mentor of the Haven
  • There’s nothing I can’t find

Physical 4
Mental 2
Social 2

+5: Endurance, Contacts
+4: Guns, Stealth
+3: Alertness, Investigation, Fists
+2: Driving, Scholarship, Weaponry, Burglary
+1: Resources, Rapport, Intimidation, Craftsmanship, Athletics


Owe me some favors: May use Contacts for Resources to gain military or illegal equipment
Scene of the Crime: Investigations of crime scene have +1 and happen one level faster
Stay close, keep quiet!: Allies gain a compliment from my stealth when they are near me
Linguist: Scholarship is 4 higher for languages
I know weird people: May use Contacts for Lore research rolls and gain +1 to those rolls, however they take one time length longer.
No pain, no gain: +1 Mild physical consequence slot

Adjusted Refresh: 6


Mr. Coal Man

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