Risa Smith-Morgan

Draconically Possessed College Student


High Concept: Draconically Possessed College Student
Trouble: In Hiding from the Cult of Ismenios
Sharing Space with a Motherf%&$ing Dragon in my Head
Short Tempered Geek Girl Extradinaire
World Traveler Looking for a Place to Belong
Why Can’t We All Get Along?
Close with Jeb and the Royals

Average +1 Fists, Rapport, Alertness, Resources, Contacts, Deceit
Fair +2 Empathy, Presence, Stealth
Good +3 Weapons, Conviction, Athletics
Great +4 Lore, Endurance
Superb +5 Scholarship, Discipline

Powers & Stunts:
Demonic Co-Pilot (Ismenios, aka Izzy) – 1
Breath Weapon – 2
Inhuman Toughness – 2
Inhuman Recovery – 2
Human Form + 1
Claws (tied to Human Form) – 1
Wings (tied to Human Form) – 1
Catch [REDACTED] + 2
Capable Researcher (scholarship stunt) – 1
Blend In (stealth stunt – 2


The daughter of two archaeologists, Risa grew up in various parts of the world and was home schooled for most of her life. Unlike most children, she embraced her parents’ passions and loved learning. She enjoyed that she was able to meet so many different people.

At the age of 15, while at an dig site in Greexe, Risa came across an ancient relic that had been hidden away by a secret society meant to keep it safe. Residing within the amulet was the spirit of an evil dragon. The village elder explained to her when she awoke that she now housed the dragon, while it would push her, it did not control her.

Rising Conflict:
With her draconic powers manifesting, her parents began to fear their once beloved daughter. Risa was sent off to Arizona where she lived with her aunt and attended a small private high school. She made a few close friends and came to depend on them when the Cult of Ismenios came after her, bent of freeing the dragon. While she was able to avoid that fate, she soon decided that getting out of Phoenix would be the best thing she could do.

On the run from the Cult, Risa relocated to Washington DC and began attending the George Washington University.

Risa Smith-Morgan

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