Las Vegas, NV


The following report has been gathered from reports of several visits to the area and the testimony of several individuals who have moved on from the location.

Las Vegas is ruled by several supernatural entities who compete primarily as business associates/rivals. Two of the most notable are:
- Romero Coronado: the prolific head of a family of white court vampires who primarily consist upon lust.
- Richard Mallon: a mortal who seemingly discovered the supernatural power struggle in the city and, rather than running screaming or getting himself summarily killed, managed to employ and ally himself with several entities, particularly a lovely young witch by the name of ‘Lorelei’ and cruised to be top competition in the Las Vegas power struggle. He is known by the name Lord Ironwolf, to several of the fae.

Both of them operate several properties including clubs, casino, rental buildings, and residences and are the two largest players. Several other independents operate in Las Vegas, and with luck and fortune being what they may, perhaps soon another name will join their list or one of them will fall

Las Vegas, NV

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