Power-Human Guise

Human Guise [-0]

Congratulations, you pretty much look like everyone else.

The effects of this ability are so minor that they’re really considered to be almost cosmetic, at least in terms of the impact on the game mechanics; hence the zero cost. Ghouls are one example of a creature with this ability, as are White Court vampires.

Skills Affected: Discipline.

Normal Appearance.
You have a number of supernatural abilities (often from “Creature Features” on page 162, though others may apply) that give you an appearance that’s noticeably, often horrifically, different from normal folks. With this ability, you are able to take on a human guise that conceals your supernatural nature from mundane senses. Supernaturally gifted individuals may still sense your unusual nature using Investigation, Alertness, or Lore.

Your other abilities are still technically available to you while you’re looking normal, unlike with Human Form. The moment you choose to use your powers, however, the human guise drops away. So long as you do not use your abilities, you don’t give away your nature to mundane senses—though under times of great stress or high emotion, you may be called on to make a Discipline roll to keep the guise in place.

Power-Human Guise

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