A measure of your general dexterous physical capability.


Use Athletics to climb. The GM sets a difficulty for a given obstacle. (see page 318.) At the GM’s option, you may use shifts to speed the process if you succeed.

Use Athletics as a defensive skill to respond to nearly any physical attacks.

Use Athletics to try to limit the severity of any fall you take (page 319}.

Use Athletics to leap obstacles or span bottomless chasms (page 319).

Use Athletics to cross a great distance or move over obstacle. As a main action across a number of zones and borders equal to or less than your roll of Athletics. (page 212).

Other Physical Actions
Athletics is used to move yourself, while Might is used to move other things and people.


Acrobat: Gain +1 on Athletics when using it to survive a fall. Also, gain +1 to attempts to dodge ranged attacks (throwing and guns), so long as you describe it colorfully.

Fleet of Foot: When sprinting (page 212), gain a +2 to Athletics.

Human Spider: Difficult surfaces aren’t much trouble to scale; reduce all climbing difficulties by up to 2.

Mighty Leap: Any borders (page 212) that your character chooses to clear by jumping are reduced by up to 2.

Too Fast to Hit: When making a full defense (page 199), gain an additional +1 to the roll (for a total of +3) if you also take a supplemental action to move one zone. You do not take the usual –1 penalty for the supplemental action.

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