Washington, DC

Welcome to Washington D.C.


The city of mortal authority. A testament to the power and strengths of humans to cut forth their own destiny amidst opposition of forces more powerful than they are, and win. It is also a testament to the true cruelty and dispassion of the some of the most subtle truths of human monstrosity.

History is made within in these streets and walls and those who built this place were more than a little knowledgeable about the supernatural. Perhaps it is because of these subtle unseen monuments and constructs that America has stood independent from all the other supernatural forces of the world, and given humanity a bastion. Written into the very plans of the city are the arcane structures which funnel the divine power needed to stand, to give humans the chance to rule superior over that which would seen them as food., to tame a wilderness of spirits and old magic and drive it to near extinction. To give succor to the weak and lay low the strong.

With all of this treat to the powerful, one would think the powerful would steer clear, and many personally do. However, any who wish to steer the course of American history MUST come to his place. They must make themselves vulnerable to this mighty monument of Human Will made manifest in order to whisper into the ears that guide the hand of one of the strongest global influences on the modern political world. While those in Hollywood squabble over the beliefs of the world, and those in the Big Apple pinch and scrape to guide economic fortunes, those playing in the marble halls of Washington play with the power of authority itself

Ordo Autem Silentum Archive


The Blue Files – Get the skinny on the various problems that the Ordo Custodes are monitoring to ensure that the city continues to operate at efficiency

Weekly Vigil Report Summaries – Catch up on the lay of the land in DC with the Vigilum.

Lex Occuli – The Ordos laws which it uses to administrate the city of Washington D.C.

Red Zones – The explicit (but not full) list of areas specifically designated of hotbeds of troubling activity to be monitored closely for the need for intervention

Washington, DC

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