Angelica Neale


Name: Angelica Neale
Is Face of: New Orleans Special Police
High Concept: Lead SI Detective
Motivation: Keep New Orelans safe from the supernatural threats
Gangs (Minor Trouble)
Regina (Threat)
Reina (Threat)
Xavier (Annoying obstacle to doing my job)

Is Face of: Frederick Police Department
High Concept: Reinstated Police Officer
Motivation: Neutralize threats to Frederick and the World
House Antema (Largest opposition)
Alisters (Uncertain)
Fae Courts (Big Threat)
Lurance (Lucky Punk Kid)
Brad Motter (Promising New Recruit/Deputy)

Great: Athletics, Guns, Investigation
Good: Alertness, Driving, Empathy, Rapport, Lore
Fair: Contacts, Deceit, Discipline, Intimidation, Stealth
Average: Conviction, Endurance, Might, Presence, Weapons

  • Has a Badge: +1 to social attacks against mortals in Frederick when in her role as a law enforcement official
  • Trained Police Detective: +1 when investigating a crime scene for clues or surveilling a suspect
  • Trained Sniper: +1 to weapon rolls when using a long rifle from a hidden prone position on an unaware target
  • I Know How to Kill it: +2 to assessments on a creature’s weakness
  • Just a Graze: Additional minor physical consequence
  • I’ve Heard Worse: Additional minor social consequence

Angelica Neale

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