Damien List

Demonologist, Swindeler, Father of a Nation


Average (+1): Alertness, Contacts, Intimidation, Resources, Endurance

Fair (+2): Empathy, Burglary, Conviction, Performance

Good (+3): Guns, Discipline, Presence

Great (+4): Rapport, Deceit

Superb (+5): Lore

Ritual (Demonology)
Channeling (Spirit)


[Fast-talking Demonologist Con-Man]
[Debts to Pay]
[Modern Day P.T. Barnum]
[Father of a Dynasty]
[Nicer guy than his rap sheet suggests]


David Fedor Nicolae Caripri List

Raised in Ukraine. At 16, he met a young 16 year old Romani girl named Andreea Ayes. She introduced him to the Romani culture, superstitions, and magic. Soon she discovered she was pregnant and the two ran away to live together. Within the year, Camelia Sanda Sonia Violeta Ayes-List was born. They made their way across Europe by any means necessary until they ended up in England, all the while they kept practicing the rituals more and more for luck safety in their travels. They learned things from various other practitioners they met as they young couple learned more an more.

At age 20, David and Andreea had somewhat established themselves both in life and in the supernatural community when they met a young 18 year old British street kid named Jessica Black, unlike David and Andreea, Jessica was a natural at magic and the occult but did not know the knowledge to do anything. David and Andreea, helped Rebecca with the knowledge and the three began trying more an more spells they were learning. Over a year since the two began a sexual relationship with her, in part to power their rituals and soon both women were with child.

They gave birth to Artur Ion Sandu Florin Ayes-List and Barrett Esme Sylvester Sterling Black-List respectively and around the same time. During the pregnancy, at the age of 21 for List and Ayes, the group also met a young 19 year old French-Spanish girl, Roselle Corro, who was running from her past. The group took her in and added her into their rituals, though she expressed concern with the free nature of their sexually fueled magic and their tendency to make bargains with supernatural forces, she stayed with the family seemingly happy for any structure and support she could find.

At the urging of Roselle, the group left Britain and sailed to the states with their children. In the new land Roselle relaxed and began an more active part in their relationship, resulting in her giving birth to Clarisa Irisa Maristella Corro-List. The Family’s joy was short lived however when Roselle vanished, seemingly abducted while out of the house leaving the kids with 23 year old David, (who was officially going by Damien), Andreea, and 21 year old Jessica who was carrying Damien’s child.

Roselle’s disappearance drove Andreea and Damien to seek out more an more power, which is how the then 24 year old couple first met and 18 year old Di’Mori, who was looking for answers about her dreams at Andreea’s fortune-telling shop. The group struck up a friendship with the woman and they could feel her power, but her ties to the mortal military were taking her away.

After Di’mori’s departure and as Jessica’s pregnancy became more and more a limit to her, Andreea and Damien did not give up hope and managed to get themselves in over their heads. One of their contacts, a plague demon, partly escaped and managed to infect the two summoners whose health rapidly deteriorating. Jessica returned from the hospital to find her lovers were on deaths door.

The last words Jessica said was that she was going to make them better before she walked into the ritual room. Neither Damien nor Andreea knows what happened but as screams came from the room, Damien forced his way there to see a larger demon than he had ever seen had broken through the inner containment circle and had grabbed a hold of Jessica who clawed at the floor. Damien was helpless to do anything on the other side of their outer containment circle as the demon dragged Jessica back into the center of the ritual and down into the rift it had emerged from.

The illness they two of them were suffering lifted several days later, but there was no joy to be had. Damien and Andreea had lost their second lover in less than a year and they had to raise her daughter Aleisa Madisyn Roxanna Kerenesa Black-List.

Camelia Sanda Sonia Violeta Ayes-List
21 – materialistic, industrious, eccentric, uninhibited

Artur Ion Sandu Florin Ayes-List
18 – wise, imaginative, arrogant, helpful

Barrett Esme Sylvester Sterling Black-List
18 – dependable, imaginative, caring, secretive,

Clarisa Irisa Maristella Corro-List
16 – Naive, anxious, shy, lonely

Aleisa Madisyn Roxanna Kerenesa Black-List
12 – independent, arrogant, restless, rebellious

Skylar Caleb Jaiden Eweart D’mori-List
10 – charming, Mischievous, devious, imaginative

Joanna Catelina Kerensa Oxanna D’mori-List
8 – unkind, Domineering, Jealous, fearless

John Gabriel Dragomir Emanuel Ayes-List
8 – conscientious, gentle, submissive, polite

Maryann Magdalene Virgina Leanne D’mori-List
6 – Charming, independent, Stubborn, rebellious

Michelle Izabelle Porsce Rowhen D’mori-List
6 – Charming, independent, Stubborn, rebellious

Wesley Griffin Perry Gervase D’mori-List
2 – Baby

Viktor Octivian Nikita Virgil Ayes-List
2 -Baby

Adela Kseniya Feodora Lucia Ayes-List
0 -Baby

Damien List

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