Marco Bradshaw

Ambitions Street-thug turned Warlord



Poor (-1): Rapport, Empathy, Athletics
Average (+ 1): Guns, Burglary, Stealth, Deceit,
Fair (+ 2): Alertness, Driving, Might
Good (+ 3): Presence, Discipline, Endurance
Great (+ 4): Fists, Conviction
Superb (+ 5): Intimidation, Weapons

Stress Tracks

Physical: OOOO
Mental: OOOO
Social: OOOO

Stunts and Powers

Too Fast to Hit: When making a full defense (page 199), gain an additional +1 to the roll (for a total of +3) if you also take a supplemental action to move one zone. You do not take the usual –1 penalty for the supplemental action.


Marco Bradshaw

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