Sabrina (Henry) Saunders

Teenage Witch


High Concept: Teenage Witch
Trouble: Life: Ultra-Right Hunter Family
Hide Everything
Self-Medicating Transwoman
Nimue’s Rake
My Magick is for Good!
What do you do with a Possessed Cat?

Great: Lore, Deceit
Good: Conviction, Discipline
Fair: Investigation, Drive
Average: Athletics, Scholarship

-3 Thaumaturgy
+ 2 Rake
-1 Flight
-2 Kairomancy
Make Up Artist (+2 to Deceit for purposes of Disguise)

Refresh: 1



Born Henry Erasmus Saunders, Sabrina grew up in a harsh puritanical hunter family. She was indoctrinated into the beliefs early, but knew very early on that she was different.
(Hide Everything)

Rising Conflict:
Henry wasn’t stupid. She kept her secret secret, but talked her family into letting her go to school. It kept her close to sources of outside information, after all. She even got herself a job at a Party City. Then, by sneaking out, she stole her own life.
(Self-Medicating Transwoman)

Cry Out
When a strange witch comes to town Sabrina starts discovering her own powers, but can she save NImue and keep her secrets as her parents close in?
(Nimue’s Rake)

Magic Touch
When Michael Jay develops weird powers, Sabrina tries to help him sort it out. After seeing the zombies, she rethinks dulling her cousin’s sword…
(My Magick is for Good!)

From Saints to Sinners:
When his brother turns bad, Jeffery Saunders is in denial and it’s up to his wayward son to shed light on her uncle’s dark deeds to get Jeffery to save Gabe.
(What do you do With a Possessed Cat?)

Teenage Witch:
Invoke: Interact with Teenagers, Casting Spells, Knowing Lore, Emotional Outbursts, Sound Cool and Mysterious, Flying Checks
Compel: Awkward body changes, Hormonal Issues, Witch Hunters!, Magic is poorly Controlled, Emotional Outbursts, Hexing

Ultra-Right Hunter Family
Invoke: Combat Skills, Lore Knowledge, Religious Knowledge, Standing in the Supernatural, Call on Family, Deal with Family
Compel: Family’s Threat, Threat of Revelation, Prejudiced Lore, Guilt, Inconvenient Arrivals, Supernatural Enemies, Obligations to Hunt/Train, Stuff Hidden at Inconvenient/Unsecure Locations

Hide Everything:
Invoke: To hide things well, to lie, to defend against attempts to gain information, to resist mental intrusion, to reveal a small item on my person all along
Compel: To lie reflexively when it wouldn’t help, To fail to find something you hid away, to interfere with emotional/mental first aid (stopping it starting),

Self-Medicating Transwoman:
Invoke: Potions, Avoid Being Recognized as one name or the Other, Have Drugs on Hand, Disguise Self
Compel: Threat of friends (or family, though see Trouble) See Things Clearly, Hormonal Imbalances, Weird Side-Effects

Nimue’s Rake:
Invoke: Magic (especially Kairomancy rolls), Flight Rolls, Status with Witches, Hit with a Rake!, Yardwork
Compel: Misplace Rake, Magic has a piece of Nimue’s will (causing various problems when not acting with her personality), Carrying a Rake Draws Attention, Nimue’s Old Enemies, Nimue’s Old Friends

My Magick is Good!
Invoke: Do positive spells, Convince of good Intentions, Block the ‘not so different’ speech, Justify mental Healing if hurt for good with backlash, Avoid Breaking the Laws (even though unknown)
Compel: Screw up attacks, Emotional/Mental doubts, Right any wrongs made, Waste time Considering Issues

What do you do with a Possessed Cat?
Invoke: Lore, Spying, Interactions with Lanarak, Diablerist-Style Magic, “Familiar” Status
Compel: Morally Sensitive Moments, Hiding Lanarak, Keeping Tabs on Lanarak (getting it out of trouble), Demonic Mischief, Evil Temptations

Sabrina (Henry) Saunders

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