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From Steph

Shay and Bryan RP (homecoming dance)

(This is a side RP that Branden and I did after the dance)

Shay: Shay studied Bryan's face for a moment. "How did you get a hotel room?"
Bryan: What do you mean How did I get a hotel room? Money… It's how you get most things
Bryan: Hell it's how your last boyfriend got you…. I mean even if he did get it from basically being a prostitute for men
Bryan: Unless you were just a beard

Shay: "I meant that they don't usual rent rooms to minors." A smile briefly crossed her face before she composed herself. "Brad, or Jason?"
Bryan: Jason…
Bryan: The dead guy
Bryan: The one who go rolled by that old pervert
Bryan: from the anticuge shop

Shay: Shay dropped her gaze. "Jason and I weren't together."
Bryan: So he was a fag… I knew it
Shay: "Does it matter if he is gay?"
Shay: "Was," she corrected herself.
Bryan: Like now… well no
Bryan: except I was right

Shay: She shrugged. "I don't know. I guess we weren't that close."
Bryan: Suprised he wasn't corn holing that repressed churchy
Bryan: though I guess your other buddy have dibs on that guy's ass
Bryan: Riley is like one of those crossdressers right… she actually taking that little shit up his poop chute.

Shay: "You seem awfully concerned about which of my friends are gay. Is there something you're not telling me, Bryan?" she asked him with a teasing smirk.
Shay: "Try saying that to Riley and see what she has to say."
Bryan: No I basically have already told you those people are a bunch of fucking queers and I can't stand them
Bryan: I don;t know why you hand out with them
Bryan: She has spunk… don't know what she seek in that guy

Shay: "I hang out with them because I like to see the good in people. They've been through a lot together."
Bryan: Well I suppose he is loaded and being a beard is a good way to get money for nothing
Bryan: Good in people.. thats a laugh… people are shit

Shay: "Why do you say that?"
Bryan: Because it's true
Shay: Shay cast a look around them to make sure she wouldn't be overheard by any of the other students. "If I said there was no way that you were getting sex from me tonight, what would you do?"
Bryan: Go find someone else?
Bryan: Look fucking Brad's girls a win but you aren't the only fish in the sea

Shay: "I'm not. I wasn't saying that I was." she said looking over towards some of the other cheerleaders, trying to supress the hurt feelings.
Shay: "You can tell people whatever you want. I don't really care."
Bryan: You think I would fuck you for status?
Bryan: Have you met me?

Shay: "Everyone is shit," she said repeating his own words.
Bryan: Yeah…
Bryan: What has that got to do with my reputaion in the school?
Bryan: Dear you may think being head of the cheerleaders is big, and for most it would be… Im a star full back for our football team…
Bryan: Your pom pom squad it good… I'm better

Shay: "I'm on the squad because my parents made me."
Bryan: Besides Im fairly certian I could take home two of your girls at the drop of a hat from some of the ones they newbies got stuck with
Bryan: So what?
Bryan: Excpecting me to cry that your parents drove you to do things. aint gonna happen
Bryan: your here becasue you want to be…

Shay: "I wasn't expecting you to. Should I take you being better to mean that you have recruiters lined up offering you scholarships to whatever college you want?
Bryan: Yeah… scholarships and I am outta here not looking back… aint no one here worth a damn anyway
Shay: "Where are you thinking about going?"
Bryan: Dunno don't care
Bryan: who ever pays the most

Shay: Shay nodded.
Bryan: work until I have a career ending injury and retire on my millions
Bryan: hopefully be able to come back annually to piss on the graves of people who never made it out

Shay: "That sounds nice, except for the coming back part."
Bryan: Hey you already said You don't plan on fucking me tonight.. why not be honest?
Shay: "I am being honest. I'm a fairy, and they can't lie," she said, guesturing to the costume that Sara made her wear.
Bryan: Yeah they can.. the lie all the fucking time in that damn play
Shay: "There's a difference between lying and leaving out key information."
Bryan: If you say so… still doesn;t change the fact you basically said you aren't interested.. im juts trying to think of which of your girls Im gonna take
Bryan: Three would be a good story

Shay: "So you just wanted me because I was Brad's? Or was I just the short straw?" she asked in a cold tone.
Bryan: Your the top… So Am I… I wasn't gonna let the rabble think they had a chance
Bryan: Did you think I was a love sick puppy?

Shay: "No."
Bryan: I don't even know you
Bryan: Are you expecting I fall madly in love with you… Im mean your nice… your not as shit as everyone else but your here becasuse you want/need something too

Shay: "I had thought that you might have wanted to know me. But I guess you're just the same as Brad. You want me around but don't want me to be a person with feelings."
Bryan: Grabs her wrist tightly looking at her and growling through clenched teeth Don't you fucking dare compare me to him… his iron vice grip on her tighten slightly leavign her arm brused as does his stare and anger in his words… but that remains more present I'm not Brad… i'm not that poser jack ass silver spoon asshole… I'm Not the person who gets everything handed to him like Brad. I work for what I have and where I am…
Bryan: You can be a person with feelings all you want… thats fine… but why the fuck are you going to expect me to care about them… why are you expecting me to give a shit more than anyone else… You want someone to fawn over you… you got that…
Bryan: I'll start caring about you when you start giving a shit about me
Bryan: releases her arms and stands

Shay: She met his gaze and didn't flinch when he grabed her. "I don't want to be fawned out, you idiot." She shook her head as he stood up. "I do give a shit. I don't think you're as mean of a person as you act. I don't know why, but I do."
Bryan: Well I am… Im as mean and as nasty as you think I am… and so is everyone else here…. I'm just the only one decent enough to act like I am….
Shay: "Bryan," she said in a soft tone as she took a deep breath. "I will put up with a lot. But I will not stand being lied to. Lie to everyone else in the world all you want, but don't lie to me."
Bryan: He looks at her and laughs "You think I am lying… What exactly am I lying about?
Shay: "You being a mean person. We all act the way the world wants us to, regardless of who we really are."
Bryan: No…. were aren't all flowers… we are all bastards
Shay: "If you were a bastard then you wouldn't have told me about room, or said you'd just go find someone else. You would have either taken me without my knowledge, or you would have whispered sweet nothings to me to make me fall head over heels for you so that I would have put out."
Bryan: Maybe I didn't think I needed to expend the effort of doign that when I could go up to 12 other girls and tell them I have a hotel room and I could get them out of their dates arms… even with other girls
Shay: She shrugged. "That's true."
Bryan: I don't need to fuck you… I wanted to…
Shay: "Why?"
Bryan: Maybe I wanted to be able to tell Brad how good you felt when I break all his fucking teeth
Shay: Shay looked into Bryan's eyes for a moment and slowly raised a hand to cup his cheek. "I'm sorry."
Bryan: Eyes go wide Sorry… sorry for what?
Shay: She pauses for a moment, letting the music wash over them and debates if she should tell him the truth. "For whatever happened."
Bryan: Happened implies past tense
Shay: "Oh." Shay said quietly and looked away from a moment. After a moment she returned to meet his gaze and squeezed his hand with her other. "Then I'm even more sorry."
Bryan: Not like you would or could do anything.
Bryan: Sorry doesn't pay the bill or bend the bones

Shay: "That depends on what you need done. And I know it doesn't."
Bryan: I don't need anything done… Im handling it…. gonna get rich and leave this town.. nothing is gonna stop me
Shay: She nodded. "Alright. Any other deep dark secrets that I should know about?"
Bryan: Looks at her So you want deep secerts… thats rich from the girl who has been asking all about me and telling me very little about you… Im not a puzzle and I'm not a charity case… Im a kid who worked hard and got where I am
Shay: "What do you want to know about me?"
Bryan: Nothing really but I think it's only fair
Shay: "You're right, it is fair. But you haven't asked me any questions, so I offered."
Bryan: Still haven't said anything
Shay: Shay shifted between her feet and considering what she could tell Bryan that wouldn't make her sound crazy. "Well, I already told you that I the only reason I'm a cheerleader is because my parents made me. I guess, I don't know what I'm going to do after graudation. It feels like too much has been going on for me to even consider college."
Bryan: So your gonna just be another highschool prom queen who never achieves more in her life and stays… man thats weak
Shay: She dropped her gaze. "Honestly? I'm scared that I won't even get to graduate."
Bryan: Well I guess that would be another thing that woudl be your problem…
Bryan: Me I hav epeople who will see I graduated… they have plans

Shay: "I think that people have plans for me to. That's what I'm worried about because I doubt that finishing school is part of that."
Bryan: Gonna make you work in a shop or something?
Bryan: looks at her not belvieling that someone has plans that don't include graduation

Shay: "Something like that. Family business, I guess."
Bryan: Family buisness… doesn't you mom… well she was like a secert agent or something
Bryan: and your dad…
Bryan: like… doesn't he live of royalties?

Shay: "Yeah, my dad does. My step-mom… Well, I hope she doesn't come back. I found out that she was cheating on my dad, and she was working at Fort Detrick the day of the attack. I meant my birth mother."
Bryan: Sorry to hear about that but if your dad isn't doing anything I can;t say I blame her….
Bryan: And birth mom…
Bryan: so the bitch who dumped you wants you back or something?
Bryan: typical

Shay: "I'm sure she had reasons. Don't adults always?"
Bryan: So what? Do what you want…
Shay: Shay blinked at him. "I don't know what I want. I always felt like my path was decided for me."
Bryan: Your path is your own
Shay: "I suppose it is. Did you always want to play football? Or did that just seem like the easiest way to get out of here?"
Bryan: IT was a thing to do so that I didn't have to go home
Shay: "Ah. Do you like it at least?"
Bryan: I get to hit people and ruin the day of pretty boy QBs…. I love it
Shay: "Don't the quarterbacks get all the glory though?"
Bryan: yeah which is why the defense likes to make sure we take them out
Shay: "Is there anything else you want to do? I mean, after your career has made you rich and you retire."
Bryan: Why would I work when I am rich?
Shay: "Who said anything about work? A hobby or something to pass the time. I like to bake."
Bryan: I dunno…
Shay: "I'd love to travel," she told him. "And meet lots of new people."
Bryan: Eh…. people are bastards
Shay: She offered him a smile. "But everyone is a bastard in their own way. And that's interesting."
Bryan: Maybe…
Bryan: seems like a lot of work from nothing personally

Shay: "So, mister star of the defensive line, do you think you're a shoe in for homecoming king or is the dirty rotten qb going to take that from you?"
Bryan: Maybe… It's just a popularity contest… and I don't really care
Shay: "I suppose it is, but it's nice to think that people like you."
Bryan: they don't… maybe the team
Shay: "I suppose having your friends like you is enough. Though I have to wonder if there's something wrong with wanting more?"
Bryan: nothing wrong with wanting more… I have more I have the respect and fear of the students
Shay: "Respect and fear don't usually go together."
Bryan: yeah they do
Bryan: when you fear something you respect it

Shay: "I think you just fear it and that fear comes off as respect."
Bryan: Same difference
Shay: "Not really," she said shaking herself. "And besides, I'm not scared of you."
Bryan: Your a cheerleader.
Shay: "What does that have to do with it?
Bryan: your not supposed to be scared or intimidated
Bryan: I mean your high status enought that it shouldn;t effect yo
Shay: Shay smiled and leaned in to give him a soft kiss on the cheek. "You're cute."
Bryan: Cute?
Shay: "Yeah." She nodded with a smirk. "Because you say that you don't care about the whole high school rep, but you also seem to care an awful lot about the status of football players and cheerleaders."
Bryan: I don;t care… I just know it is present
Shay: "But you care about the other players thinking they have a chance with me?"
Bryan: They hare worthless… just need the new ones to knwo it
Bryan: kills ambition

Shay: "Mhmm…" She said, noncommidently. Shay was having a good time and liked talking to Bryan. It was strange because even though she had been with Brad for close to a year, she felt like she knew about Bryan in the conversation they had had so far. She shook her head, trying to get Brad off her mind. Her dress felt like it was restricting her as if it was getting tighter. "What exactly did you have planned for after the dance?" she asked suddenly
Bryan: Taking Jennifer and Lisa back to the hotel room… wild sex…. I hear they have both fooled around with other girls before…
Bryan: probably get a good show

Shay: "Oh." She gave a small jerk back, feeling a bit deflated. "Ok. I'm sure you'll have a good time," she muttered, suddenly feeling stupid.
Bryan: I mean I suppose… if you are gonna get all possessive and pull rank I'lll take you instead
Shay: "I try not to pull rank on my friends unless they're being complete morons."
Bryan: Rolls his eyes It was… look I wasn;t being serious
Bryan: about the pulling rankin thing

Shay: "But you were about the other thing?"
Bryan: Yes
Bryan: Do you want to come to a hotel with me and get naked?

Shay: Her first instinct was to give him a snarky comment, but instead she just bit her lip. "How many other girls do I have to share with?"
Bryan: Laughs Your enough… Unless you want to… love to have you Lisa and Jessica…. even Ashely….
Bryan: Smiles at her giving her a mischervious challengin smile

Shay: She shook her head. "That's a bit much for me right now. Can we at least stay until the end of the dance?"
Bryan: Nods Yeah…
Bryan: I mean
Bryan: Power goes out and glass explodesBryan grabs Shae throwing her to the floor and rolling ont top of her as everything happens before pulling hiself to his feet

Shay: She holds onto him tightly as everything goes dark, the emergency lights not even kicking on. "Bryan? Are you okay?" she slowly gets to her feet after him.
Bryan: Fine… Dumb prank….
Bryan: *Looks at the Dress circling above

Bryan: You can see where the hood pokes forward to the string it is following
Shay: She nods before realizing that he probably can't see her. "Yeah." She goes cold as the dress starts chanting about Estrella Knotley.
Bryan: ohhh a witch out for revenge;; how very;;; fucking boring
Bryan: pulls out his phone…
Bryan: Damn it

Shay: "What's wrong?" she asks, standing close to him so as not to lose him in the dark.
Bryan: phones dead
Bryan: piece of junk

Shay: "Ah, yeah," she agrees as she casts a glance around to try to make out if anyone else is able to turn on their phones or if something has hexed everything in the building.


The Duel
By Steph

Shay felt tired. Not physically, she rarely felt that, but she was emotionally drained. Last night she had been plagued by nightmares of the carnage she had found at the school. She felt like a child, crawling into bed next to Brad, hoping that he would chase the bad dreams away.

Turning her mind back to the phone, she listened as Gabe bid her to come to the church. She told him that she would get the others, with the phone lines still under repair the pixies were the fastest option. After hanging up the phone, she opened her bedroom window and whispered to her tiny friends to send word. After putting out some bread and honey, she grabbed her coat and ran out the door towards the church.


She pushed open the door and slipped inside to the warm building. Lawrence followed her inside, and they both tried to get Gabe to explain what was going on. The others began filtering in and then the truth finally came out when Jason exited one of the confessional booths.

Part of her thought that she should just turn around and leave now. Shay was supposed to be leading Summer, and even though she had already spoken with Michael about her part to play at the parlay she could have been with him making preparations. Instead she stayed and let Lawrence encircle them to prevent eavesdropping. One of these days she would stop giving Jason more chances. Hadn’t he already shown that he wasn’t her friend, was only an agent to Winter?

Jason claimed that he wanted to join Summer, and he was willing to throw the duel to do so. Shay stood by and listened. Brad seemed willing to accept that, but she knew that no one in the court would just take that at face value. How dumb does he think I am? she wondered. It was like everyone in the group realized that Shay was the only one that hadn’t spoken up. She pursed her lips tightly together. Once again she had to be the one in charge, the one that made rational choices.

“Convince me,” she demanded of him. Convince me to back you to Summer, convince me that you’re not just Fabian’s toy in this and that you’re not going to turn on us, she pleaded.

He didn’t.

Shay sighed as Jason went into the same pitch again. Ignoring Jason, she turned to Lawrence and told him to take down the circle. The younger boy did as she asked and she headed towards Riley and the door.

“You stubborn, stupid twat!” Jason shouted at her.

Riley’s eyes widened a bit, but Shay just turned around and looked at him with an expression of disappointment. It was in that moment that she realized how much of a child Jason was, looking like he was throwing a tantrum. She let him call her names and demand that things were done his way.

Jason didn’t understand her. It seemed like no one did. She wasn’t doing this to be cruel to him, even though she knew it would be within her right after he had broken her heart. Shay was doing this to protect Summer, to be a good leader like they needed her to be. She was doing this to be kind to him, but he would never see that.

The others tried to get her to sway in her resolve: bartering for Jason. He would give her his true name, he would swear on his power. She didn’t want those things.

Didn’t they see that she was going to fix this? There was going to be no fight, no duel, because she knew what it would take to end this war with the least loss. She loved her friends too much to let them suffer, and if Jason wanted out then she would demand that too.

When it became clear that there could be no resolution the group parted ways, disheartened.


The group entered the Haven, Shay and Brad in the front. She tried not to gawk at the sight of the place or at the others in attendance. She held her head high and went to greet Michael and Eldest Gruff. They spoke in hushed tones until Gruff waved a hand and said that they wouldn’t be overheard. Michael asked about Rosepetal coming to him and ranting about the Winter Squire. Shay let Brad explain what had happened. Gruff said that Summer would not be keen to welcome an oathbreaker into their fold with one traitor in their mists.

Shay cast Brad a pleading look while he danced around the subject. She knew that she should tell Gruff and Michael the truth, but Brad had told her in confidence and she didn’t want to break her word to him. She knew that he had only agreed to give Fabian the favor so that she didn’t have to. Brad ignored the look, and said that he would tell Gruff later.

Gruff dismissed the magic as the parlay was called to order. Shay hadn’t thought that she should be the representative of Summer, but Michael had insisted. She thought that she looked silly, standing down Fabian. The back of her mind wondered if the tiara she had been given by Kringle would have helped her look more the part of a lady of Summer, or if it would have made her look more like a child. They each read off their grievances, like a list that had been well rehearsed. For her part it was, some of the things that she spoke of she hadn’t even been alive when they happened.

“Is there no way for this situation to be brought to a peaceful resolution?” they were asked.

“The lady Shay and I spoke yesterday about a possible resolution,” Fabian explained to the room. “Do you have an answer?”

Shay’s eyes drifted around the room. Kringle shook his head at her, Michael and Gruff seemed impassive, and then her eyes looked over to her friends. Her heart was breaking. “I will accept the terms, Knight, but your Queen must be the one to make the oath for me to join Winter.” She stared hard at the wall, not wanting to meet anyone’s gaze and to keep from losing her nerve.

She didn’t need to look to see the smile on Fabian’s face, she could hear it in his voice as he said that he would summon his Queen. As he left the room and the sound of the storm started up outside, the others moved to encircle her. She couldn’t look at them as they demanded to know why she would do such a thing.

“Because I can’t let any more blood be shed. I can’t let anyone else die. I can’t let you die Brad,” as she spoke in quiet tones, her voice cracked and tears slipped out of her eyes. She didn’t know what horrors she was agreeing to bring upon herself, but she would gladly accept that fate if it meant that Brad and her friends kept on living. She loved him too much to let him risk his life for her.

“I challenge the Winter Squire to a duel,” Brad’s voice rang out. “Do you accept?”

Murmurs in the room rose, and Shay turned to take in Brad and Michael. The older man looked distressed and she briefly wondered if he had put Brad up to this.

“I accept,” Jason responded before Shay could voice her objections.

All she could do was stand at Michael’s side and numbly watch as the circle was drawn and the two boys began their battle. She wanted to cry, but she masked the feeling. The storm still raged outside. Shay’s only thought was that Brad was going to die and that Jason was going to become a murderer.

She fought her battles with words, so this was a sight to behold. Shay knew that Brad had just been gifted with his blade, but she was amazed at how well he handled it. But more important than that, Brad was faster than Jason, and she knew that he wasn’t likely to tire as easily. She wasn’t certain that Jason was better with the sword, but Brad would be able to dodge and dance around him waiting for the right moment to strike.

After a few clashing strikes, the boys were smiling at each other. “Make it good,” she heard Brad mutter. A heartbeat later, Jason took his weapon and threw it to the ground where it shattered like ice.

Jason had yielded, but that wasn’t going to spare him. Shay stepped forward, about to cry out as the malks leapt into the circle in a mass of claws and fangs. “I offer myself to Summer! I offer myself to Summer!” he cried out in pain.

Everything happened so fast. Brad was shouting at her, bright light was engulfing the room, and Shay barely had a moment to consider her actions.

“I accept you!” she shouted into the din as the malks were vanishing and Fabian was groaning in pain. She rushed forward in the chaos and tried to stop the bleeding. Brad’s words that he just shouted echoed in her mind: I’ll marry you if you save him.


The storm had broken and everyone was escorted out of the building after Shay and Gruff had tended to Jason. The cold had broken and the sun was shining brightly. Summer had won, but Winter and Fabian would be coming after them. Nothing had been solved by this except getting a small reprieve. She was ready for a break.

Looking out over the hill Shay saw the forces of Summer approaching. Her heart was aching and her head hurt with everything that had been going on. When everyone else paused to take in the sight, she pushed forward and went to greet the faeries. She wished that she was surprised to find that she was alone, standing down the army. It felt like that was her lot more and more these days.

“Presenting the Lady Sarissa of Summer,” one of the soldiers announced. Shay bowed deeply as the Summer Lady stepped forward.

Yes, Shay was exhausted but it didn’t seem the reprieve would be as long as any had hoped.

Riley’s Story
h3. By Branden

I wrote this with the intention of quickly summing up all the shit Riley had been through recently to give perspective. I had thought i was going to be a paragraph maybe 3… but I kept going I realized that to truly get into the depth of the character and describe the shit she is going through would be too long…. and possibly something others should see. So here it is Riley’s Story.

(Foreward: Please keep in mind this is a story from a character perspective not my own, not everything a Character picks up will be accurate most of it will be colored by previous perceptions)

Riley sees that weird rich loaded guy who buys her cigarettes and wants to hang out with her and is kinda cute enough collapse outside her house, where she finally admitted to herself that she cared about him more than the cigarettes or even the 100 bucks he just gave her and she realized she had something else to lose. Days later, a riot rolled through the city while her parents were out and about. They didn’t come home that night and she stayed locked in a house without power or heat on an unusually cold autumn night. Listening to sirens and shouts and gunfire and worse, the silence where she had to wonder what was out there and if someone could see the light of the lone candle and come to find her and do… whatever they wanted, that though was more chilling than the wintry wind. she sat there afraid for once in her life wishing she had a weapon, despite being against gun ownership her entire life because for the first time in her life she understood what it felt like not to feel safe in her house.

After not sleeping during the night she is awoken from her exhaustion-caused midday unconsciousness by voices outside arguing and she is terrified because she know they aren’t her parent’s voices and they are talking about how they are going to come into the house and attack her. When she finally works up the courage to look out a window she sees him and she doesn’t think she opens the door and runs for him because she knows he is all she has left, and the only reason she isn’t crying is because she doesn’t have any more tears left in her. She even sees one of the boys, one who is carrying a sword try to lunge for her but his footing slips and he crashes to the ground. After being accosted and accused by the weird kid from the green house who she hadn’t ever really given a shit about before and certainly didn’t give a shit about now she manages to get Shaun into the house with her and she gives herself to him. It’s her first time and she has to stop herself from laughing and crying at the thought of what she would be comforted with if her parents came home and grounded her for life for doing this if only because she knew they were alive and she hadn’t lost them.

After finally being able to get some restful sleep with the only person she has left to protect and keep her safe and having more sex and she ever thought possible to have just to numb the pain and fear and because she is fairly certain Shaun is the only person to ever try to look past her tough don’t give no shit attitude and she fairly certain this is what love is, her house starts getting pulled in half by something that shouldn’t be real, that can’t be real.

She and Shaun take what they can and flee, she is still uncertain but with Shaun by her side she wants to know what is going on. She has never believed in magic but she has been wrong before and Shaun doesn’t seem scared, which makes her think that she doesn’t have to be scared for once in the past 24 hours or so. Shaun spots the group of friends and seems to debate forgetting about them but turns in and comes to talk to them, Riley sees t hat cheerleader and her track star boyfriend.. or is it ex boyfriend, she had heard she was dating that asshole with that fucking sword. Either way if a peppy twit like her can hold her shit together for the apocalypse you mother fucking bet the stone cold Riley Flynn can to.

Of course there is greenhouse boy telling her she shouldn’t be here like she is some delicate fucking flower of his. The thought of being his and being put in her little pot and pruned and caressed by HIM makes it hard to keep what little is in her stomach down, she can feel his eyes leering at her like the creep he is and she debates punching him square in the nose for being such a fucking creepy douche bag. That cheerleader though seems to be asking her what she wants to do and that’s simple. She’s staying with Shaun, no matter what the dirty perma-virgin ginger with epilepsy thinks. And when he sticks his gross ugly face right in front of hers she stares him directly in the eyes daring him to do something other than leer at her and lick his greasy lips. Unfortunately for he does something, he invades her mind he makes her see things, thing she can’t describe terrifying things. She collapses and is only passively aware that it’s Shaun who saved her by punching that good for nothing douche bag right in his nose. She’s free but she isn’t safe and she can’t stay around here, Shaun was being accosted by a bewildered looking track star ex-boyfriend. He obviously doesn’t know Shaun just saved her from that…. that… monster. She runs and nearly gets killed as Shaun warned her just a second too late to stop herself from slamming into a red wall of electricity.

She awakes to the Cheerleader tending to her wounds, and everything being too painful for her to be dead. The cheerleader lies to her and tells her it was a dream. the lie wasn’t very believable but the more Riley fought it logically the more her…. her everything hurt. She could see him, the monster, he was human again and it took too much effort to fight him leading her away from Shaun. If that Cheerleader hadn’t been there she might have found the energy to fight back but she felt safe with her, like she would keep her safe if that… thing parading around as a human tried to do anything to her. The next clear moment came as she is dropped on the floor, only the Cheerleader supporting her. there was a river of blood that had flowed past her and to another one of those things that had laid her on her ass. The Monster was…. yelling, couldn’t he just shut the fuck up for once. If she only had a knife.. like the one …. Angela… Angela was there? Was she here to save her from him too? Angela had been quiet but she had known and helped her. Sure Riley had picked on her a little and not always been the nicest to her but she was a bitch to everyone. As they talked though pieces began to fall into place. Angela wasn’t Angela… she might have never been Angela… she was… a Monster, and she was the one responsible for all this. The thing that had torn her house apart and nearly killed her, the thing that had laid her out and made her hurt all over by nearly killing her, probably the riot and the death of her parents as well, she had stolen her little dolls and used them, She had… used it to frame her… she… she… Shaun… She… she had been the one… she had attacked Shaun, made him collapse outside her house, She… she was going to pay… all of them… all of the monster were going to pay… no one would ever hurt her or hurt Shaun again, and any that did, she would kill.

There was an explosion and everyone rushed the monster wearing Angela like a coat, there was a brilliant light coming from… Gabriel… He touched her and, she screamed. There was an explosion rushing towards everyone. Then he was on her. That fucking balless coward faggot attacked her again, jumping on her. The beast was grabbing her holding her in place, trying to… force himself on her, she struggled trying to break free but she was too weak, he had chosen the only time to strike when everyone was distracted when Shaun was busy dealing with the other monster and the Cheerleader was being tackled out of the way by her ex. and so this…. this waste of… everything was gonna try to take her. The only thing the saved her was the attack of the Monster wearing Angela’s skin, apparently this beast wasn’t as strong as he thought, the Angela monster was stronger than this dickless coward rapist, and they got thrown. She did get a devious thrill when she heard him scream in pain as he leg shatter. and was able to pull herself free from him, and there on the ground she saw it, the knife… Shaun’s Knife. He had tried to come for her, probably about to sink that delicious blade into the flesh of that pervert. Well if he wanted that for himself she wasn’t going to take it from him, beside with a broken leg he wasn’t going anywhere. Her hands closed around the knife and she felt strength fill her, purpose… this was Shaun’s Knife and she would use it use it to… A hand people stopping her. Shay, the Cheerleader several other hands but Shay’s was the one face she latched onto, then Brad the Ex… or maybe not so Ex Boyfriend telling her she didn’t want to do this and something in her broke. Brad was wrong, she did she wanted to do it, she wanted to kill Angela and everyone else like her and she would… she would kill them all, she dropped the knife and fell crying into Shaun’s grasp, she faintly felt Brad move to take the knife before either of the monsters could get it. Shaun, Brad, Shay, and Gabe… they understood… they wouldn’t let the mo ns te rs get her, not till she could make herself strong not until she could learn how she could make them all pay.

Frederick, MD

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