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Local N.O.P.D. Lieutenant Steps Down Amid Misconduct Scandal

Oh how fast shooting stars fall. Several weeks ago Police Lieutenant Angelica Neale of the New Orleans Special Investigations Division received a stunning praise for the arrest of a local child molester and her deft handling of the Red Mist Terrorist attacks on the city.

Today she has been put on indefinite suspension following several accusations of alleged gross misconduct. The civil charges brought forth by Alexander Lilley on behalf of Elizabeth Cornell allege that Neale has repeatedly harassed his client in relation to the shocking and bizarre deaths of four college students at a local party. Criminal charges brought against Neale for an alleged case of unlawful arrest, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon were dismissed earlier this week on the grounds that there was not enough evidence to precede, however Neale has been put on indefinite suspension until a full investigation is complete.

New Orleans Special Investigations current acting head Brian Chastel commented that “the squad is reserving judgement and comment on the case until all facts are in, we uphold the law and we see that those who break the law are punished but we also believe in innocence until proven guilty.” Others who agreed to interview under promises of anonymity expressed that their sympathies were with their former lieutenant and that “The charges that no good shiest-er lawyer have brought are all trumped up and politically motivated.”

A New Face In the Race

Controversial business woman and alleged “Madame of New Orleans”, Regina Leblanc, has officially announced her candidacy for Mayor. Leblanc is the former owner of Leblanc’s Nightclub which was the sight of a recent riot which damaged several buildings in the French Quarter. Her club was recently destroyed in an arson incident prompting even more question to the nature of Madame Leblanc.

Currently the field is filling up with very pro-business candidates which is unsettling for some watching the race wondering if the next mayor of New Orleans will really represent and care for the city or just be a businessman (or possibly woman as things are shaping up) looking to make a profit off the downtrodden and suffering in this city.

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Through the Eyes of Sagme

Believers I have gotten a great tip from you, if you haven’t already found you need to go there RIGHT NOW! It is a blog by someone clued in to how the world is working who I consider to be a kindred spirit. I can’t say she gets everything right (She insists that her being close wizard friend tends to destroy her cellphone, but as many of the witches I have talked to can attest they have no trouble availing themselves of modern technology). But we can forgive everyone their inaccuracies once in a while (Yes Mountain Lions are Lions too damn it stop sending me emails okay!!!)

Back on Sagme she has some very poignant and moving points about what is happening in parts unknown, involving dealing with Monsters like Wizards and Dragons.

To Quote Sagme

“Dragons are power. Tread carefully around them, and never assume they actually understand what the relationships of power truly are. They have enormous blindspots in these things, but those should not be seen as weaknesses, just more reasons to kill you.
Be respectful, show deference, and bargain because your life probably depends on it, and your freedom certainly does.”

As for Practitioners she is some what dimly reflective

“Wizards are monsters, plain and simple. They have incredible and versatile power, and the self-control of starving pit bulls. Don’t trust them, don’t deal with them, and if at all possible, don’t let them become your responsibility.”

Sagme herself is apparently not fully human, which possibly is how she is getting all this information about the secret world of power. Either way this looks to be even more sources of information. So until next time Believers, keep watching!

Local Business Woman Announces Bid for Candidacy

Reina Cortez has officially announced that she will seek the office of Mayor of New Orleans. After the destruction of her businesses in what she call “a targeted attack against me” Cortez fled from New Orleans to seek shelter “I could not be sure how avid the individuals who were going after me and my family would be. I was not safe in my own home.”

Cortez returned weeks ago and began rebuilding. “I am getting my life back together, though some individuals have seemed to make it their mission in life to see me fall. These individuals will not be able to keep me down. As a Woman I am accustom to many challenges and I will put my full force behind making sure the best happens for this city. There will be noone more dedicated than me to returning New Orleans to it’s former glory”

Huge Arrest for NOSI

Residents around Burgundy St may have noticed an increased police presence of the Elite Team of the New Orleans Special Investigation. What was told to be simply a training exercise turned out to be a rescue of a girl who had been kidnapped. The girl, whose identity is being withheld because she is a minor, was abducted by Christopher Sanford. Lead Officer Angelica Neale claimed they lead came in with tip received by fellow agent Brian Chastel.

The “Flying Man” Has a Face

Welcome back believers. This week has been a busy one like always but I refuse to to let the trail run cold on this. More and more interviews with tougher and tougher questions have uncovered consistent facts about the enigmatic figure known as the “Flying Man”.

With a help of some very brave witnesses and an artist friend of mine I was able to put together this composite sketch of the “Flying Man”.


Speculation on his nature is still varied but one consensus seems to be forming that “Flying Man” is likely some kind of trickster or mischievous spirit. Only time and more sighting will tell but the truth is out there Believers. You just have to find it. For now I will keep searching. This is Content Not Found: amara-abel, uncovering the truth for all you believers.

More Sightings of “The Lioness”

Can We Officially Stop Calling It/Her That Now?

When widespread and substantiated reports of a large puma (and Yes experts officially declared the animal WAS a Puma) running through the city made news several days ago, the authorities insisted that the animal had escaped from the zoo, but you, my dear believers, knew the truth. This was yet another sighting of the illusive “Lioness” that many of you believers have seen, encounter, and even documented that has been appearing sporadically and infrequently around out city for the past years.

With such a widespread sighting I think we can safely assume that the now not just contentiously named but obviously improperly named “Lioness of New Orleans” is not a myth as the establishment in animal control and the police department want you to believe but a reality.

While her enigmatic nature is still up for debate as some contend she is an lost animistic spirit, and other proclaim her one of the loa. While we have yet to figure this out believers, one things is certain. She is officially Puma and not a Lioness. Perhaps the reason none have been able to make contact with this spirit is the fact so many have gotten it wrong, perhaps we are the ones who have angered her even more making her appear even more frequently and more destructively in the past few days. Perhaps she and the “Flying Man” are related, or even the same thing. Only time will tell, Believers, but we won’t know unless we keep digging. This is Content Not Found: amara-abel, uncovering the truth for all you believers.

Wild Puma Runs through City

Numerous individuals reported an escaped or wild puma running through New Orleans from the North East Bayou and into the city proper. While several minor accidents were caused by the creature no one was seriously injured or killed.

Police initially attributed an the animal to an escapee from the Zoo. Zoo officials however say that all of their pumas are accounted and they cannot see any spot where one would have slipped out or, more importantly, back in.

Fire in the French Quarter

Fire raged last night in the French Quarter causing significant damage to several buildings. The fire originated at the much maligned LeBlanc’s night club which was still closed and under repairs from the riot in the French Quarter streets. Several buildings were damaged by the fire including LeBlanc’s, Local fire chief Content Not Found: alfred-arnett is promising that a full investigation to commence immediately.

Not a Tarp, It Was a Man!

Andrew Carr was one of the people involved in of the pile up on I-10. While the official story that a driver of a moped released a tarp from the back of his vehicle, Carr however tells another story. “It was a man. I saw him as he pounced on the hood of my truck.” Carr isn’t the only one who reports that the tarp story is not all it is reported to be. This is Content Not Found: amara-abel, uncovering the truth for all you believers.

New Drug on the Streets

A new form of street drug is currently on the rise in streets of New Orleans. So far the drug is highly addictive drug is being distributed as red gummy lips. Officals warn of the drugs highly addictive quality and urge parents to inform their children about the dangers of this an other substances.

Pile Up on Interstate 10

Local couple, Jetta and Adrean Bunker, were among then casualties of the recent multi-car pile-up on Interstate 10 when their car overturned while swerving to avoid a collision. According to police investigation, a sudden and violent wind storm caused an unidentified object to fly off the back of a moped travelling along the highway and impacting several vehicles resulting in several drivers losing control and crashing. These impacts resulted in secondary and tertiary accidents which closed down Interstate 10 for several hours.

In total police say that 6 have died either on scene or as a result of injuries sustained in the collisions and 11 were seriously injured. Police are offering a substantial reward for the arrest of the driver of the moped who has yet to be identified.

Liquor Store Massacre

Police are investigating the mass murder at a local high end liquor, wine, and spirits store. The massacre seemed to have happened shortly before noon. Five customers and three employees were discovered massacred in the building by assistant store manager Bianca Dennell.

Police have not released the specific manner of death but Dennell reports that the store was covered in blood, the power in the building had been overloaded, and the only thing missing was a single bottle of Carlon Segur, Imperial. The Police are asking for any leads which may help point to the murderers.


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Markov Announces Mayoral Run

Local business man, community leader, and humanitarian Andro Markov Kovacs announced today that he would be seeking election to the Mayoral seat in the upcoming special election citing that “I want to see a better future for New Orleans. I want to see that our culture is respected and not preyed upon. I want to see that those struggling with the aftermaths of tragedies have their voices heard.”

Mayor Found Dead

The city mourns the sudden and surprising loss of Mayor Nichols today, who was found dead in his estate yesterday morning. The police have not yet released the details of the death but the medical examiner’s preliminary findings indicate that the death was not homicide. This sudden passing after Deputy Mayor Benchley’s tragic car accident leaves the city with Clerk of Courts Greg Eastcott as acting mayor of New Orleans. Eastcott had stated that he is capable of filling the position for the meantime until a new Mayor can be chosen.

Cops Called to Local Club

Cops were called to an out of control party at local French Quarter Hotspot Leblancs. When initial responders to noise complaints failed to respond several more squad cars were sent to contain the situation. Eight separate police units were called to the debaucherous riot that managed to spill out of the club and into the streets of the French Quarter. Swat units were eventually called in to maintain a hold on the situation.

Content Not Found: xavier-bowder, local priest and community leader commented that “This sort of terrible act of carnality are fully unbecoming of any proper city, not even the celebrations of Mardi Gras reach the levels that this unsanctioned unsupervised chaos” adding “these displays of violence and immorality are what we will continue getting if we let such a den of sin and vice like as LeBlancs thrive in our city". Bowden has called for an immediate action to get the LeBlancs club shut down and have their liquor license pulled and have club owner Regina LeBlanc called up on charges.

Club owner Regina LeBlanc refused to comment about how the party got so out of control, only to mention that “several security personnel were injured in the storm and unavailable at that no event had been scheduled for the night". LeBlancs will be closed to business for the next week for repairs as will several other neighboring businesses.

Break-In on Local Campus

The office of local University Professor Content Not Found: dr-lombardi was the target of vandals this last week. Lombardi reported the break in over the weekend when he found his door knocked off it’s hinges. Nothing of value seemed to be missing adding that “It was likely some kind of prank gone wrong, I do not keep test results or anything valuable in the office and while all my paperwork on my writings are a mess and I will have to spend some more time reorganizing my current research papers and report I am writing but that will take noting but time, of which I have plenty”

New Club to Open

The French Quarter is about to get a little more crowded with the opening of Sanguine Delight, a new club opening in the location of the old Red Room Inn. The club is expected to be a modern nightspot for all the well to do while offering services to tourists and VIPs.

The club is a new venture by the Rose Room’s old owner Reina Cortez who is insisting that this new club will be “a boon to the city rather than a burden”. In order to achieve this Ms. Cortez has promised that a portion of the proceeds will go to efforts to support the ravaged area of east New Orleans.

Markov Withdraws from Humanitarian Contest

Local Businessman and voodoo community leader and spokesman Andro Markov formally requested that he be taken out of the running for the New Orleans humanitarian of the year. Markov, who has previously nominated twice before and being awarded with the title in 2010, withdrew citing “The actions I took during the storm was nothing more than any respectable citizen of New Orleans would have taken” adding “accepting this nomination would be a disservice to all the others doing truly spectacular things to benefit this great city.”

When asked who he thought was deserving of the honor Markov commented “Content Not Found: dr-ellis has been dealing with the fall out of Katrina for years and has gotten surprisingly little recognition for all the effort he had done, all the people he has sheltered from countless storms, all the children he has cared for as long as I have, all the donations he has given to people who truly needed things to survive. If anyone deserves a nomination it is Dr. Ellis Jacobs.”

Gas Leak at Office Complex

An building of the Lavue office complex in downtown was evacuated due to suspicion of a gas leak. The possible leak was reported when a client of local therapists, Oliva Newsom, arrived to find all the occupants of Newsom’s office unconscious and faint hint of the distinctive unpleasant odor rotten eggs in the air. Firefirghters evacuated the building to search for the source of the leak but could not locate the cause. The victims were taken to Tulane Medical Center and all other occupants were tested for exposure. When the victims regained consciousness they had no memory of the past day. No one else in the building has shown signs of these symptoms.

Strange Lights Spotted in Bayou

Over the past several day several reports have come in on strange lights and sounds around a Tutela Isle. Officials have claimed that this is nothing but natural occurrences however fan boat tour operators, Content Not Found: bubba-j_ and _Content Not Found: cletus, have insisted that it is not anything they have ever seen before and insisted “That little tootsie from NOSI betta get her sweet [Expletive] over here and check this [Expletive] [Expletive] out before some [Expletive] moron gets hurt of some [Expletive] monsters start eating people”.

Angelica Neale of the New Orleans Special Investigations Office of the police has responded that “We are still sorting through the after effects of the storm and the various crimes that were committed upon members of the Voodoo community” and that she “[does] not have time to chase the mad raving of drunks who operate a quasi legal tour boat operations in the bayou”

No Lives Lost in Hospital Black Out

Tulane Medical Center is back up and running at full capacity after another black out caused the hospital to cease services last week. The outage seems to have been caused by a massive surge that disrupted and blew out several key points in the hospital’s electrical grid. Tulane was capable of supporting operations in their newest wing donated by anonymous donors while many of their patients were sent to other local hospitals.

Harrah’s Holds Poker Championship

Harrah’s Casino held it’s quarterly poker tournament this month, and the event was host to several unprecedented events. The most notable was the increased size of the competition as the many new hopefuls looking to take the title and the grand prize. This time the honor was taken by Texan native and tournament new comer, Content Not Found: zeke-sasso.

The tournament also saw another first with local celebrity player, Jonathan Smith, known as “Lucky” to the Harrah’s staff and frequent patrons eliminated early in the tournament in a head to head with Sasso. This is the first time in recent history of the tournament that Smith has not reached the final table.

Our reporter caught up with Smith who commented “It’s a travesty. I was off my game. My lady luck has not visited me in a while and I think that is possibly what is throwing me off.” Sasso had a different take on the situation commenting “Jonny Boy is old news. He may have been an up and comer but the game is changing. He doesn’t have what it takes to play these stakes.” Sasso later added “If Jonny thinks that it’s luck that I beat him then he’s just proving what I’m saying. The boy has no actual talent for the game. There is a new age and a new champ. I intend to take what is his and make him congratulate me for doing it”

Business Owner Under Suspicion

Fire Investigators have begun an official investigation into the nature of a months old fire that caused serious damage to local business Rhode’s Antiques. The current owner and operator Cecil Rhodes is under investigation for the suspicious nature of the fire which started in his business. Local fire chief Alfred Arnett is pursuing the issue personally to make sure that the investigation is handled properly.

Abandoned Warehouse Found Ravaged

Local David Dixion reported a disturbance at a local warehouse when, according to Dixion, “several thousand” of the gang members know as ‘The Faceless Assassins’ appeared and began to tear the building apart.

The incident happened shortly after the terrorist attack and may have some connection. Special Investigations Angelica Neale commented that it does not appear that Dixion was suffering from hallucinations as there does appear to have been some damage to the building but insists that the number he estimated is entirely too high for the level of damage they found.

Business Owner Nominated for Humanitarian of the Year

Andro Markov, Owner and Operator of Marie’s, a very famous voodoo shop in downtown New Orleans has been nominated for New Orlean’s humanitarian of the year for his service to the city of New Orleans. Markov and his long time partner Kainoa are well know for their compassionate spirit and the children that they foster.

This award however comes for recent events when the couple opened and sheltered many individuals initially caught in the gas attack. The couple opened up their home to any who they found and sheltered them from the attack itself.

No New Leads in College Coed Deaths

Investigator Angelica Neale admitted to reporters today that investigations into the cause of the deaths at a party at a local house has stalled and that they are searching for new leads. While initial leads pointed to a female figure caught fleeing the scene, our sources tell us that all leads have dried up and it is unlikely that any progress will be made in the case further. When reached for comment Neale assured reporters that she is “Not letting this drop” and “cases have been closed with less” promising that she will “do what is needed to see that justice is delivered for these families”.

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