Power and Corruption


Power and Corruption
The mortal center of government and power. With that come shady deals and non-mortal interests. Everyone makes deals and everyone owes favors, because that is the nature of real power.

High Stakes and Bad Shakes


The lizard king is worming his way into the city, making his deals and bargains and all the time. The being of power soars to the top, and we are naught but heat beneath his wings.

Sandra Raith
The White Court thrives upon their deals and arrangements, and Sandra more than most. She lives in a city that should not be hers, but that nepotism has handed to her on a silver platter.

Daimen List
No one said all power and corruption was bad. List makes his deals and pays his debts, and rises in power all the time. But, his web grows thick with women and demons; how long before it entangles him?

A goddess shouldn’t need servants and lackeys, but Ahtena has them. She has made arrangements with the Ordo Silentium, vested them with power even though their mission grows ever further from her purpose. Even gods reap what they sow.

Power and Corruption

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