The Frederick Timeline

Arc 1 The Estrella Knotley Arc
- Brad accidentally targeted with a curse of bad luck
- The “Daughters of Gaia” Attacks
- The Great Frederick Riot
- Brad recovers a Promethean Stone
- The Time Bubble
- Martial Law Declared in Frederick

Arc 2 The Summer-Winter War Arc
- Summer is betrayed by someone leading to massive losses
- The Wizard of the White Council call a Parley to resolve the issue between Summer and Winter without massive conflict
- Summer and Winter continue low level hostilities despite ceasefire to lead up to the parley
- Reports of kidnapping and disappearances of supernatural creatures begin to file in
- The Haralquin Court orders say to end the was as soon as possible, threatening her Pixie
- Discordian cult moves into city to carve out a place for themselves
- Jason approaches Summer about defecting to them so they can win the parley
- The Parley is held, Brad challenges Jason to a duel to end the parley. Jason throws the parley and is nearly killed by winter.
- The Parley ends being called a farce and betrayal by Winter with the Wizards refusing to enforce the result as they
- Shay treats with Mab personally and agrees to pledge herself to Winter in order to end the war.

Arc 3 – The PRISM Arc
– Reports of kidnapping and disappearances of supernatural creatures grows
– Several members of the group are targeted by a capture team
– Riley and Shaun see Rileys father kissing Shay’s mother, both dressed as governmental agents
– Lurance surrenders to the capture team
– Jason is killed by the Summer Knight but manages to destroy his standing in Summer with his death curse
– Shay and Sarah are captured and taken into PRISM’s base in Fort Detrick
– Brad contacts Agent White, the leader of the capture teams, both leave unscathed
– Riley breaks into Fort Detrick’s prison to free Sarah and Shay, ends up freeing another boy name Alan and running into her father
– Mab and Titana meet in Parley and strike a deal. Mab trades the Winter Lady and Titana’s daughter Shay for the Summer Lady who is Mab’s daughter. The deal is called even and no one walks away completely happy
- Titania flattens Fort Detrick and turns it into a Biohazard area to rescue her daughter

Arc 4 – The Halloween Night Arc

The Frederick Timeline

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