The Masquerade


The Masquerade

Secrets aren’t what they used to be. The government is leaking like the Maneken Pis, and the supernatural community is more on edge than ever. It seems to be only a matter of time before a witness comes forth with credible, demonstrable evidence, or some secret government dossier.

Thousands of Eyes Everywhere

The Faces:

Felicia Adams
The woman has the gall to be asking questions when shit shows up on her lawn. She’s human, pure and simple, but she’s too close to being in the know… and the kind of person who would spread that knowledge far and wide.

Razor Smile
Some think him a puppet of Therodax, but not even Therodax wants the awakening that Razor Smile is likely to bring. While goblins make good spies and insurgents with their powers, this clan has no regard for such things. The goblins will take the city by force, and make humans humble once more.

The Ordo Silentium
Shall abide by no breaking of their carefully honed and crafted secrecy. Death and worse await any who disobey their Lex Occuli.

Angela Pierce
The reporter is too close to too much, but no one, from the biggest to the smallest among the powers that be, has even noticed her.

The Masquerade

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