A measure of your ability to understand what other people are thinking and feeling.


Reading People
Use Empathy to figure out what makes another character tick. After at least ten minutes of intense, personal interaction, you may make an Empathy roll as and assessment against the target’s Rapport or Deceit roll (Their choice (see Closing Down-Rapport of False-Face Forward-Deceit). If you gain one or more shifts on your roll, you discover one of the target’s aspects that you weren’t already aware of. It may or may not reveal the name of the aspect in precise detail, but should paint a good general picture. You can repeat this process, taking longer each time, and ultimately reveal a number of aspects equal to your Empathy skill value (minimum of one)

A Shoulder to Cry On
Use Empathy to effectively provide comfort and reassurance to those who are emotionally wounded. With the Empathy skill, you can create an environment for another character to justify recovery from mild social or mental consequences. See page 220 in Playing the Game for a discussion about recovering from consequences. Stunts are required for greater effects.

Social Defense
Use Empathy to spot deception or as a defense for other occasional social conflict.

Social Initiative
Use Empathy to determine initiative in any social conflict. To minimize on die-rolling, Empathy is usually taken simply at its listed value and used to determine the order of actions you and other characters take.


Counselor: You have some formal education in professional counseling or psychotherapy. Your skill can be used to justify another character’s recovery from moderate or severe social or mental consequences, provided you have the time and opportunity to provide them with the full extent of your services as a counselor.

Read the Surface: You can get a sense of someone quickly when trying to “read” them (page 129). Your first attempt to read someone takes less than a minute of interaction, instead of the usual ten. Any subsequent efforts with the same person do not enjoy this benefit.

The Social Graces: Keen awareness of the ebb and flow of social situations makes you the master of your circumstances. When determining initiative in a social conflict, gain +2 to Empathy.

Won’t Get Fooled Again: It only takes once for someone to lie to you before you start to wise up to it. Once you’ve discovered a particular person’s lie for what it is, you gain a +2 on any future Empathy rolls when dealing with that liar. (This requires a small amount of bookkeeping, but the benefits are worth it!)

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